Goblin-town Throne Room

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Goblin-town Throne Room
Level: 45
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Goblin-town
Location: [21.8S, 6.2E]

Goblin-town Throne Room is a 3-man World Instance within Goblin-town, in the Misty Mountains. [21.8S, 6.2E].

This large chamber is found in the deepest reaches of Goblin-town, entered through a passage from Eglanúr. Dark, damp, and adorned with all kinds of totems and fetishes, this cavern is the crown of the goblin kingdom.

In this room the new goblin king, Ashûrz can be found at his throne alongside his warg companion, Izkâl. He is accompanied by several dozen of his goblin forces alongside his commanding soldier, Aklash. At the center of the chamber is a large pit in which those unlucky enough to be thrown in will be met by the brutish cave-troll, Horm as well as his handler, Rakothúrz. The forces of Angmar have sent forth an Uruk emissary, Bhoghad, to try and enlist the goblins into their army, whether wilfully or not.

Note: This location is also referred to as the Great Goblin's Den, which is the name of the specific instance it is a part of.

Directions from the Mountain's Throat:

  • First follow directions to Zagh
  • From bottom of second stairs, head north through room and bear left, and there is the entrance
  • This location may also be accessed using the Instance Finder


Map of Goblin-town

Tips: See Goblin-town Quests in Order


These deeds can be advanced by exploring Goblin-town Throne Room:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Level Name Difficulty Genus Species Morale Power
45 Ashûrz the Great Goblin Elite Master Orc-kind Goblin 25,685   2,805  
45 Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town Elite Orc-kind Uruk 11,558   2,338  
45 Horm, The Pit Beast Elite Master Troll-kind Troll 27,974   2,469  

  • To be able to kill the Emissary, go along the right side of the room, killing all mobs, or he might have been killed by the Great Goblin.
  • If you want to see the cut scene where he dies: When you first enter the instance go directly into main room of instance and clear mobs up to the pit with boss below in it. Do not go beyond it.
  • Wait on the edge of the pit, opposite the throne. After waiting for quite some time the Great Goblin will walk down towards the pit and the Emissary will be brought before him. Here is the script of the cut-scene:
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "Bring the emissary forward!"
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "Servant of Angmar and Lugbûrz, I am here to call you to us."
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "You come before me in my own hall and speak of servitude?"
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "Do you think the goblins of Goblin-town are fools!?"
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "Goblin, I am here to invite you to the slaughter. The North is strong!"
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "Angmar's call cannot be ignored. We will strike down all foes and blot out the light of the Sun."
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "You talk of service to Angmar, but Angmar is still weak. You come to us for aid."
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "We will not bend knee to Angmar. The goblins of Goblin-town bend only to Lugbûrz!"
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "Goblin, this talk is foolish. It is pointless. We are the army of Angmar."
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "To defy our might and our strength is...madness!"
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "Madness? Madness? You fool!"
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "This is Goblin-town!"
Bhoghad, Emissary to Goblin-town says, "No!"
Ashûrz the Great Goblin says, "Fools, thinking they command Ashúrz -- the Great Goblin!"


"In the darkest depths of Goblin-town, at the heart of the goblin kingdom, teeming with the vile breed, lay the throne room of the Great Goblin. Long have the inhabitants of Goblin-town been leaderless, but as the Shadow in the East grows, calling its minions to arms, a new leader has taken the mantle of the Great Goblin...." — Instance text

The throne room of Goblin-town, the Den of the Great Goblin, is not a place where most travellers wish to find themselves. Possessed of an odd and unfair sense of justice, the goblins usually bring their captives before the Great Goblin to face his judgement rather than simply imprisoning or killing them. His judgement for presumptive crimes usually involves spying or trespassing upon the goblin's domain.
Unfortunately for the hapless captives, the outcome of these encounters is fore-ordained, and the punishment for such infractions is always unpleasant -- and ultimately fatal. — Deed