Inn of the Forsaken

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Inn of the Forsaken
Level: 20 - 150
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: Lone-lands
Area: Annunlos
Location: [34.0S, 40.7W]

World Instance Details

The Inn of the Forsaken is a scalable from level 20 and up, 3-person, multi-difficulty tiered instance in the Lone-lands.

The instance takes place at the Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands. [34.0S, 40.7W]
It is started at Anlaf the Forlorn with the help of the quest Inn of the Forsaken: Stroke of Midnight. Then, find your way down the basement.



Riddle doors: Each run of the instance has four doors which require emotes to be performed in order to open.
Solving each of the 83 possible riddles completes the deed Riddles Beneath the Inn.

Traps: There are two types of traps: spike traps (holes in the ground) and swing traps (triggered by stepping on pressure pads). The spikes deal approximately 800 damage, while the blades inflict 800 damage per rotation.
Tip: Mobs can be damaged and killed by the traps.

Bone Piles: The bone piles summon two Skeletons upon activation and will spawn two more if the first two are defeated. The piles are highly resistant to ranged and tactical damage, but vulnerable to melee attacks. The piles must be destroyed, see below.


Challenge Quests

To complete the challenge quest your fellowship must comprise of one class from each of these groups which operate different mechanism within the instance:

  • Brawn (Guardian, Warden, Champion, Beorning) operate suspicious walls
  • Lore (Rune-keeper, Minstrel, Lore-master) read strange runes and use incantation stones
  • Aware (Captain, Burglar, Hunter, Brawler, Mariner) use trap mechanisms (suspends traps in the area momentarily, stepping on pressure pads still activates)


Get down in basement and open the suspicious bookcase, and head down to Umín. He will enable you to operate the riddle doors. He will follow you as you progress in the instance, but will stop if any mob aggro on him and will require coaxing to continue. However, he will not take damage from any source.

First Area

The area between door 1 and 2: This part has spike traps, 1 trap mechanism, 1 strange rune to the right, which lets you locate a suspicious wall (which requires a guardian, warden, champion or beorning leads up to an overlook of the first fight room which is past door 2, and on this overlook there is 1 trap mechanism. During the first fight, it will spawn 4 bone piles there).

To the left is a bone pile that also needs destruction for the challenge.

Second Area

Past door 2: There is a room with many inactive spike traps, an incantation stone and a lever.

Using the lever starts the fight and closes the gates. One possible way to deal with this is to leave the ranged DPS on the overlook to handle the bone piles spawning there, and keep the healer and tank downstairs. Two bone piles will spawn first, then 2 more, and finally 1 last bone pile on the bottom. After that, 2 and 2 more piles spawn on the overlook area and needs destruction. Each bone pile will spawn 2 skeletons initially, and if left alone for about 15 seconds or so two more will spawn. Eventually they will dry up, and the fight ends regardless of whether you destroy the top bone piles or not.

Moving on, there is a rather nasty corridor ahead with pressure pads and swing traps. The pressure pads are spread out liberally, and setting off one will activate all swing traps in the corridor. If you have triggered the swing traps, then the traps will probably end in a different position than the position they started in. However there are still invisible barriers at position the traps started in. You will need to look at the pressure plates to find the way through the corridor. If you move the entire party in at once, this will lead to a quick wipe if one accidentally steps on a pad. It is best to move one at a time. There are four drowned shipmates in this corridor; the third one is impossible to reach for melee classes and should be destroyed by a ranged class. The shipmates are ordinary wights with no other abilities, but they respawn very quickly after being killed. There is a trap mechanism here as well.

After the trapped hallway, there is a maze with swing traps and pressure pads. For the challenge: a strange rune to the left must be used by a lore class, and a wall must be opened at the opposite side of the maze. To get past the maze you will have to step on the pads to reposition the facing of the traps.

Third area

Past the maze and door 3: Once you get past this door, Umín is separated from you.

Next trap: three swing traps, several spike traps, and three bone piles. The trick is to watch the timing of the spikes and blade traps, as they activate on predictable intervals. The swing traps take 3 swings and stop, after the spike traps have stopped. Use the trap mechanism for challenge.

Fourth Area

Also called "Ancient letter and 11 sarcophagi"
The next area has an ancient letter with 3 names on it and 11 sarcophagi. To the side of each there is a strange rune that has the name for each sarcophagus. The names do not vary between runs; they are fixed. The letter will give you 3 names of the sacrophagi that you need to open. Inside the sacrophagi is a lever that you should pull. After pulling the 3 levers the gate opens. If you do not have a lore class with you, then you can open all sacrophagi untill you found the 3 levers. Note that all sacrophagi have a lever inside, but only the 3 named in the letter can be pulled.

Quite often a bug happens in this part of the instance. The gate will not open or you can't read the letter. Sometimes opening more sacrophagi will open the gate. If you have opened all and checked that you pulled all levers, then you have no choice but to start the instance again.

Facing south, the names are (left to right):

  • Khedem - Tunon - Rubej (tier 1 gate) Mujesir - Yanwergh

Facing north (right to left)

  • Tawult - Shutet - Shabej - Tuman - Budghed - Yunjalim

After this room the path diverges depending on the tier:

Tier 1 will now take you directly to door 4, and the lever in that room needs to be pulled to advance to boss.

Tier 2 will send you to a square room. To pass this room, you must destroy the 4 bone piles in the pit, one in each corner. What makes it fun is that the skeletons spawned in the farthest area will run up the stairs and around the room, triggering pressure pads and making the swing and spike traps in the pit go haywire. The room contains 4 trap mechanisms and 1 incantation stone that must be used as well for challenge. Past this room is door 4, and the entrance to boss fight.

Hoarwell Water Cavern

Here is a boat which has forecastles to the left and right. On each side there is a pressure pad and 4 sarcophagi that cannot be opened by players. They activate only on tier 2 during the second boss. The left pressure pad will activate spike traps, while the right side pressure pad will activate the swing trap (main mast with a twist).

Activate the boss: Move halfway across the deck to the other side. There are 2 trap mechanisms and the last incantation stone here.

Note: there is a possibility that talking to Umín on the boat will break the Riddle in the Caverns quest and you will not get an Inn of the Forsaken Mark.

Boss 1 - Umín

Position him over a spike trap, and DPS him to 50% at which time a barrier that stops 99% of damage will activate on him. When he says "I'll pound you into dust", he will hit you so hard that you are stunned, and he gets stuck. Using the left side pressure pad will make spikes hit him and break the barrier, enabling you to further DPS him. The skill used by the boss is called "pound" and can be interrupted. Do not interrupt it! He also uses a skill called stomp, which will knock you down. You can interrupt the stomp skill. Rinse and repeat till he decide he needs healing and crawl to the main mast. Run to the right side pressure pad and trigger the blade trap, which will knock him down and end part 1 of the fight.

If you did the instance on tier 1, this is the end, and 1 chest has spawned at the exit (gangplank to the west).

Tier 2: Boss 2

Boss 2: Spirit of the Necklace
The Riddles in the Dark quest updates to "Talk with Umín or escape ship". Don't talk with him, but instead move to the far side of the deck (toward the gangplank).

This spirit will run back and forth across the deck, activating the traps as it does so. After you beat it down to 50%, it will open the 8 sarcophagi on the 2 forecastles. Let it open all 8 and destroy the bone piles before you kill the spirit to complete challenge mode. If you do not have the challenge quest, just kill him and be done with it.

The challenge can only be completed at level 150 on tier 2.


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Spirit of the Necklace


All Chests

Challenge Chest

  • Unknown