Stout-axe Traits

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Trait Description Level Deed
Flame-tempered-icon.png Flame-tempered +1% Fire Mitigation 29 None; Auto-bestowed
Fortitude of the Stout-axes (Trait)-icon.png Fortitude of the Stout-axes Grants skill Fortitude of the Stout-axes 19 None; Auto-bestowed
Heart of Fire (Stout-axe)-icon.png Heart of Fire +3% Fire-type Damage 35 Enmity of the Orcs
Needful Ingenuity-icon.png Needful Ingenuity +10% Craft Experience Modifier 29 Enmity of the Cultists
Nimble-handed-icon.png Nimble-handed +5% 1H/2H Axe Damage, +1% Dagger Damage 35 Enmity of the Cultists II
Return to Thorin's Hall-icon.png Return to Thorin's Hall Grants skill Travel to Thorin's Hall 35 Enmity of the Cultists III
Stout-shield (Trait)-icon.png Stout-shield (Trait) Grants skill Stout-shield 38 Enmity of the Orcs II
Unwritten Destiny-icon.png Unwritten Destiny Increases Vitality 13 None; Auto-bestowed
Virtuous Stout-axe-icon.png Virtuous Stout-axe Grants +1 Wit, Determination, and Fortitude 40 Guest of Thorin's Hall