Sprigley's Cellar

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Sprigley's Cellar
Type: Spider Caverns
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Location: [27.9S, 48.3W]
Sprigley's Cellar Interior.jpg

Sprigley's Cellar is an underground dungeon within Archet Dale in Bree-land.

The Public Dungeon is overrun by spiders. It has two entrances:




Cave Entrance

The following creatures are found within the cellar, some outside:
Spider.png Brood Hunter
Spider.png Brood Lurker
Spider.png Brood Trapper
Spider.png Brood Weaver
Spider.png Brood Webber
Spider.png Iornaith
Spider.png Newborn Spider Hatchling


Map of Sprigley's Cellar


The actual cellar entrance at Sprigley's Farm Lair of Iornaith inside Sprigley's Cellar The only actual cellar in Sprigley's Cellar