Saeradan's Cabin

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Saeradan's Cabin
Type: Cabin
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Bree-fields
Location: [25.5S, 52.9W]
Saeradan's Cabin.jpg


Saeradan's Cabin is a landmark within the Northern Bree-fields in Bree-land. [25.5S, 52.9W]

The place where the Ranger named Saeradan lives is a lone dwelling hidden in the edge of the wood just to the east of the North-South Road that he has watched for so many years. Because Saeradan is an important leader of the Rangers, second to none save Strider, many supporters of the Free Peoples are secretly passing by this cabin. From here they can also borrow his horse and travel to his peer Candaith in the Lone-lands.

At this cabin is also found a Master of Apprentices named Grimey Proudfoot. The closest forge is at the nearby Thornley's Work Site.




Saeradan provides horse and pony rides to the following destination:

Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Candaith's Camp The Lone-lands Free Accepted quest: Vol I, Book 2, Foreword: Aiding the Order




Ranger.png Saeradan
HobbitM.png Grimey Proudfoot - Master of Apprentices

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