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Theodore Gorse is a treasure hunter first encountered during the The Ballad of Bingo Boffin. He proclaims himself a master treasure hunter, but also has a reputation for employing others to do his work, then claims those triumphs as his own. In the same spirit, the Treasure Bugan Event tasks players with retrieving treasure from Treasure Bugans that spawn in scaled instances and returning it to Theodore Gorse in exchange for numerous rewards. Finding and defeating Treasure Bugans also completes quests that award Virtue XP, crafting materials, Incomparable Enhancement Runes, Sealed Traceries, and more.


Scheduled dates
2024: September 12 - September 18
Previous Dates
2023: July 20 - July 25
2022: July 21 - July 26
2021: July 22 - July 26 (event premiered)


Barter Information

Barterer: Theodore Gorse (inside a scaling instance or in Bree, Rivendell, or The Twenty-first Hall)

Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
 Theodore Gorse's Lucky Feather 10 Mithril Coins
 Tome of the Formal Corgi 15 Coins of the Bugan
 Tome of the Blood Craban 15 Coins of the Bugan
 Bugan Treasure Sack 30 Coins of the Bugan
 Banquet Decoration - Selection Box 8 Coins of the Bugan
 Tome of the Teacup Goat Kid 15 Coins of the Bugan
 Tome of the Golden Cave-claw 15 Coins of the Bugan
 Keen Bugan Treasure Sack 30 Coins of the Bugan
 Tipped Bag of Coins 8 Coins of the Bugan

Barterer Locations

Theodore Gorse can be found inside scaling instances near their entrance during the Treasure Bugan Event, as well as the following locations on landscape.

Coordinates Directions / Description
[31.2S, 51.5W] Outside of Bree-town Hall in Bree
[29.2S, 6.7W] Rivendell Near Elrond's Stables
[5.7S, 105.3W] The Twenty-first Hall near the Stable Master

Event Information

Treasure Bugans have a 75% chance to spawn in most scaling instances, regardless of tier or size (solo, duo, 3-man or otherwise). They will always spawn in the same location for a given instance. Using Theodore Gorse's Lucky Feather guarantees that a Treasure Bugan will spawn.

When approaching a bugan the player will automatically receive the quest The Treasure Bugan to defeat it within 60 seconds. If it is not defeated in this time, the bugan escapes, the quest fails, and no reward is given. In order to receive this quest, the scaled Instance needs to be at your character level or above. This quest has a cooldown of 5 minutes (although there is no visual indication of the cooldown). If encountering another Treasure Bugan before the cooldown expires, the player will not receive the quest and will get no reward.


Instance Location Notes
Great Barrow: The Maze The room just beyond the Barrow-wight Caller
Great Barrow: Thadúr In the westernmost chamber, among the Chilled Barrow-lights that must be defeated, in quick succession, in order to advance the instance
Great Barrow: Sambrog In the room with Gaunt Battle-callers, midway through the instance
Inn of the Forsaken After the 3rd riddle; once you go through the room with names on tombs & the door opens, check on the right before the end door. Waterfall is too far.
Fornost: Wraith of Water Just before the entrance to Barad Eithel, the tower which contains Megoriath
Fornost: Wraith of Earth Near the final ramp to the entrance of Barad Harn
Fornost: Wraith of Fire Outside the eastern edge of the courtyard for the Zanthrug encounter
Fornost: Wraith of Shadow Down the stairs to first field of shadow-spawn graves to the left of the stairs
The Halls of Night Right boss room, top left corner
Glinghant Nengon's area right side of instance just inside gate Defeating Nengon is not necessary.
Haudh Valandil Left of the firewall after Shingrinder fight on bridge Careful not to get thrown off bridge by Shingrinder.
Ost Elendil Last hallway on right side before first boss Make sure to kill Marksmen first as the bugan spawns right before spirits area.
The Library at Tham Mírdain Southern part of balcony
The School at Tham Mírdain In the tunnel before the final boss room
Helegrod: Drake Wing Spawns when you go down the ramp (right of it) after first host of angmarim before final tunnel to boss fight
Helegrod: Spider Wing Near the end in tunnel when you first encounter Breosal on left side of tunnel
Helegrod: Giant Wing Around 16.5S, 1.3E after taking out the stone throwing giants Before the pet using scouts left near the wall
Helegrod: Dragon Wing In the lower area, just before reaching Coldbear
Sword-hall of Dol Guldur In the main room, at the far end (close to the Nazgûl) No combat required to reach
Dungeons of Dol Guldur In the northwest corridor corner of the eastern wing No combat required to reach. While chasing Bugan, patrolling Gorthorog may teleport you to instance start.
Sâri-surma South hallway before Cold Bear by ice wall
Warg-pens of Dol Guldur The room directly ahead of the entrance to the structure, where the first Stone Wheel resides
Sammath Gûl The balcony immediately after Alagossir's room
Barad Guldur At the top of the first set of stairs
Lost Temple After third mini boss Frûmolog in tombs area before final boss
Northcotton Farm After spider, left of the door where one of the quest-givers is waiting, after the boars
Stoneheight Between the first boss Gundúl and the second boss Búbhosh-grat, around [9.8S, 50.1W].
Ost Dunhoth - Wound and Fear Wing Up the Endless Stair in the Fear Wing between the 2nd and 3rd sets of mobs
Ost Dunhoth - Disease and Poison Wing In the room with Dourbark and Baleleaf go around right edge to avoid triggering Gortheron Bugan spawns South-East corner behind Baleleaf
Ost Dunhoth - Gortheron Wing Between the first and second sets of mobs before Ivar
Seat of the Great Goblin This instance is intended to spawn a treasure bugan but it does not currently.
Iorbar's Peak Just before the final gate to Helf
Webs of the Scuttledells Side passage with cocoons before boss 1
The Bells of Dale After first boss in area near Graz 52.2N,12.4E to the left after archway Be careful of following Bugan to avoid activating Graz.
Flight to the Lonely Mountain Head south without crossing the river after opening the gate No combat required to reach
The Fires of Smaug Just north of the boss No combat required to reach. Be careful not to get too close to the boss.
The Battle for Erebor At the south end of the battlefield (just run past the two ologs) No combat required to reach
Sunken Labyrinth Second to last area before final boss fight, go to right (opposite of mysterious figure) After you go through gate with the 4 levers far North-west part of map
The Ruined City The grassy area just past 2nd boss Thrug 62.3N, 11.2W
The Dome of Stars Lower level of the Dome of Stars, south wall, in the center
Blood of the Black Serpent Just before first boss off to left side 22.3N, 12.3W
The Quays of the Harlond Just before first boss fight 15.5N, 19.3W
The Silent Street After first boss stick to right side go to second path on right with stairs. Spawns after fighting Boromir 65.1S,21.0W
The Court of Seregost After fight with Dulgabeth (second boss) in bat room just before second stairs
The Dungeons of Naerband At the north end of a hallway, after ascending from the fiery pit area
Caverns of Thrumfall In the tunnels after the first boss. Go left at the first intersection, then straight, bugan appears when you reach the third intersection, go right to catch him.
Glimmerdeep Before the bridge, at the place with lots of blue crystals, where the minecart circle is. The minecart is not needed to reach the bugan.
Thikil-gundu This instance is intended to spawn a treasure bugan but it does not currently.
The Depths of Kidzul-kâlah This instance is intended to spawn a treasure bugan but it does not currently.
Eithel Gwaur, the Filth-well West of Dath Lum, the Shadow-pit, accessible immediately after defeating the first boss (Balchneth)
Gath Daeroval, the Shadow-roost On the plateau with the hatching eggs encounter Bugan encounter is difficult due to mechanics of eggs spawning hatchlings simultaneously.
Gorthad Nûr, the Deep-barrow In the western corridor after the first boss
The Harrowing of Morgul Shortly after the second barricade, before the first boss Shaktur
Bâr Nírnaeth, the Houses of Lamentation After the second boss, just before you go outside
Ghashan-kútot, the Halls of Black Lore At the far west end, on the raised area
The Fallen Kings After defeating the Nine Near the area the Witch King's Chest spawns
Askâd-mazal, the Chamber of Shadows At the Shadowed World-eater before reaching the boss
Shakalush, the Stair Battle In the area with trolls just before the final boss
Woe of the Willow In the river on the way to the second boss
Agoroth, the Narrowdelve At the top of the stairs to the Helcessar
Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold This instance is intended to spawn a treasure bugan but it does not currently.
The Fall of Khazad-dûm This instance is intended to spawn a treasure bugan but it does not currently.

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