The Bells of Dale

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The Bells of Dale
Level: 20 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: The Road to Erebor
Region: Erebor

"Aid will not come to the Men of Gondor from the North, for in these last days of the Third Age, war has come to the foot of Erebor. Easterlings answering the call of the Dark Lord prepare to besiege Dale and the Lonely Mountain. The only comfort is that Mordor's host will also be bereft of these forces."


The Bells of Dale is a 6-man instance that is part of the Road to Erebor instance cluster. It takes place in Dale and can only be accessed via instance join.


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Instance Overview

You are greeted by King Brand once you enter the instance. He charges you with the task of making your way to and retaking control of the belltower in the north-east part of the city. There are two bosses and two mini-bosses on the way. Most of the path can be navigated by following the trail of Jangovar Shadow Rats, which do not attack and bar the way if the Jangovar in the previous area have not been defeated.

The first boss, Skrizg, is encountered after clearing the third courtyard full of Jangovar. Skrizg will summon Jangovar adds periodically until he is defeated.

After defeating Skrizg, you will take the stairs in the northernmost part of the courtyard on your way to the mini-bosses. Graz is found in the southwestern corner of the next area. Continuing north through the streets will bring you in contact with more Jangovar and eventually Lârz. Defeating both Graz and Lârz will complete the Tormentors of Dale quest.

The belltower and final boss Tabî-kohin are due east and across the bridge from the main courtyard in northern Dale. Tabî-kohin has an invulnerability skill and summons different types of mobs to aid in the fight. Additionally, Shadow-rat mobs will approach the belltower with the intent to damage it and must be stopped as well. Defeating Tabî-kohin will complete the instance and open an exit through the doors of the belltower.






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Level 85

Gear (The Road to Erebor shared)



Level 105

All Chests

Challenge Chest only