Stormwall (Instance)

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This page is about Stormwall (Instance) - Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship(3). For Stormwall, the landmark, see Stormwall
Stormwall (Instance)
Level: 116 - 150
Size: Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship(3)
Cluster: Grey Mountains
Region: Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Area: Ered Mithrin
Location: [38.2N, 43.8W]


This instance is part of The Grey Mountains Instance Cluster.
It is also referred to by its quest name the "Caverns of Thrumfall"

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for Solo / Duo or Small fellowship (3 players) level 118 and up.
It is available in the Instance Finder.
Estimated completion time is between 15-20 minutes.


  • [119] Etterfang - Agátur - Wrapper for the Instance: Caverns of Thrumfall


Known Deeds for this instance (usually bestowed upon first entrance) include:


Instance overview

There are three "Choke points" that restrict forward progress until bosses and mobs are defeated. These are marked by flames that dissapate once the objectives are completed.

First Area

A Flame Wall prevents access to the fist boss, Hrithkól.

Defeated all the worms to dissapate the flame wall, defeat Hrithkól, and collect reward from chest.

The dwarves appear, and after dialog, access to the caverns through the spider wed is open.

Second Area

This is the spider zone, populated with glass spiders and wandering flames. When defeated the spiders spawn a spider spirit. The main passage is blocked by a flame wall. Dissipation requires defeating Askurth and the wandering flames next to the wall.

The caverns are confusing, but as you enter the twisting passages, the first side passage to the right leads to the chamber of the dragon Askurth. Defeat the dragon,collect reward from chest, and return to the main passage and turn right.

There are two passages to the left, one before and one after Askurth's passage. Both join up and lead to another dragon chamber, but defeating it is optional.

Once the wandering flames before the flame wall are defeated, the dwarves arrive, and the party can move forward.

Third Area

This area has flames, worms and drakes, and is blocked by flames.

The passage has one short loop to the left. Once the flames next to the flame wall are defeated, the dwarves arrive, and it is time for the final chamber.

Etterfang's Cavern

The only mob is Etterfang Foulmaw. To defeat her requires dropping the roof of the cavern on her. When she reaches 1/3 and 2/3 damage as message appears indication it is time to destroy a supporting pillar, and a section of the cavern wall on the left or the right is highlighted. This is destroyed by a right click, but the action is easily interupted.

Once defeated collect rewards.


Stormwall (Instance) map Tier 1