The Battle for Erebor

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The Battle for Erebor
Level: Scaling - 150
Size: 12-person Raid
Cluster: The Road to Erebor
Region: Erebor


"The Easterlings in the North are dismayed by the news of defeats in the South, and the time has come to break the siege of Erebor. However, Sauron's champions await you at the gateway to the Lonely Mountain...."

The Easterling armies were driven from Erebor and Dale on the 27th of March, 3019 T.A..


The Battle for Erebor is part of the Riders of Rohan instance cluster. It takes place in Erebor and can only be accessed via instance join.


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Instance Overview

Twin bosses are the highlight of this raid. There are six additional mechanics, two of which must be selected for tier one, four for tier two, and six for tier two challenge.


After passing through an entry chamber, a portal will take players to an arena down a set of stairs. Do not leave the stairs until banners have been chosen. On T1, two banners must be selected, T2, four, or all activated for the challenge. The entire group should then cross the base of the stairs, as a barrier is put up there to block the entrance.


  • Blood Rage (increased damage buff upon taking damage)
  • Honour Guard (eight adds at start)
  • Reinforcements (sets of three adds)
  • Inferno (after five minutes, entire room fire aoe)
  • Catapults (after two and half minutes, stunning/damaging spots)
  • Blood Brothers (differing morale increases enrage)

Laugshat is more affected by mêlée damage, Vádok is more affected by tactical/ranged damage initially, these defensive shields briefly swap.


On tier one, one tank should hold aggro on one troll (decided by group makeup) while the rest of the group burns down the other. Avoid the catapults' target circles, heal through the fire and drop the remaining troll.

Inferno/Catapults: a good choice for an inexperienced T1 group, most farm it this way. Getting hit by a catapult during inferno can mean death for a light armor. Once Inferno starts, this becomes a DPS race. (Note, Inferno damage is a percentage of max. morale, so if you have captains in the group, remind them ahead of time to not use Motivating Speech or incoming damage is increased.)

Catapults/Blood Brothers: DPS groups may switch morale view to percentages in order to keep both bosses within 1% of each other. For every 1% they are apart, they hit 100% harder. This is slower than Inferno/Catapults, but does not end up as a DPS race.

Blood Rage simply requires stopping DPS for the buff to wear off.


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Level 85 Drops

Gear (The Road to Erebor shared)