Farmers Faire

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The Farmers Faire is a special event held in August - September.

It is chiefly based in Bywater & the Party Tree. In the tradition of other seasonal festivals, during the Farmers Faire players can participate in various events such as Farmer Sandson's Egg Scramble or trying to steal some of Farmer Maggot's delicious (and peculiar) mushrooms to obtain rewards such as cosmetic clothing, housing decorations and mounts. Players can also try their luck at The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall where the drunkest of Dwarves race each other for glory and honour. For The fisherman of Middle-Earth their are also many fishing related activities to enjoy.


Scheduled dates
2024: August 15 - September 4
Previous Dates
2023: August 17 - September 7
2022: August 9 - August 30
2021: August 10 - August 31
2020: August 20 - September 14 (Extended from Sept 7th)
2019: August 21 - September 10
2018: August 23 - September 10
2017: August 23 - September 8
2016: September 1 - September 15
2015: September 1 - September 15
2014: September 2 - September 16
2013: September 5 - September 18
2012: July 26 - August 13

Event Locations



Farmers Market

Bounders Rounds

Some of the Party-goers have been enjoying themselves a little too much and are causing a ruckus. Bounder Boffin asks you to keep them in line.

Sober vs drunk differences:

  • 'A toast to the fine farmers who made this Faire so delicious! May the hair on your toes grow thick and curly.'
'A toast to the fine farmers who made this Faire so delicious! May the toes in your hair grow thick and curly.'
  • 'Ah, a beautiful day to celebrate the harvest. Blue skies and green grass as far as the eye can see, and the smell of fresh-picked vegetables!'
'Ah, a beautiful day to celebrate the harvest. Blue skies and green grass as far as the eye can see, and the smell of fresh-licked vegebles!'
  • 'I burped. Pardon me!'
'I burped. Ha ha ha!'
  • 'I came all the way from Frogmorton to taste the vittles at the Farmers Faire!'
'I came all the day from Frogmorton to waste the vittles at the Farmers Faire!'
  • 'I got into quite a quarrel with Ted Sandyman when he told me the Gaffer's taters weren't as big as his own!'
'I got into quite a squirrel with Ted Sandyman when he told me the Gaffer's taters weren't as big as his own!'
  • 'I made a daring trip to Farmer Maggot's field to taste a mushroom or two...but his dogs chased me away.'
'I made a daring trip to Farmer Maggot's field to taste a munchroom or two...but his dogs chased me away.'
  • 'That mayor never stops eating! A disgusting display...but that reminds me, I am rather hungry! Where is supper?'
'That mayor never stops eating! A disgusting display...but that reminds me, I am rather hungry! Where is slupper?'
  • 'The Farmers Faire is my favourite festival of all! I like when the farmers judge the local pigs.'
'The Farmers Faire is my favourite festival of all! I like when the pigs judge the local farmers.'
  • 'This Faire doesn't hold a candle to Old Mad Baggins's one hundred and eleventh birthday party!'
'This Faire doesn't hold a candle to Old Bad Maggins's one hundred and eleventh birthday party!'

Fat Mayor

Mayor Will Whitfoot likes to eat and he's doing just that while the food is abundant. However, sometimes his appetite gets the better of him and he samples something alarming. Relieve him using items found on the table nearby based on his response to the food.

  • Ack! Ss...spuh...spicy! Save me! - Milk
  • Adding to this dish would spoil its taste. - Nothing
  • All this eating is hard work -- exercise, if you ask me. I need to replenish. - Water
  • Bland, bland, bland. - Salt
  • Crisp flavour, hearty, and a clean aftertaste! - Nothing
  • Dear me. It burns, it burns!! - Milk
  • Did Opal forget to season this? - Salt
  • First sweet, then salty, then savoury -- the flavours compliment each other well! - Nothing
  • Hmm. Not quite rich enough, if you ask me. - Butter
  • I must cleanse my palate. - Wine
  • It just needs a dab of something.... - Butter
  • It's missing a little something... - Salt
  • Lovely, lovely. - Nothing
  • Mmm! Whoever made this is worthy of great admiration. - Nothing
  • Nice and salty, but now my mouth is dry. - Water
  • Ouch!! Too much pepper! - Milk
  • So...thirsty... - Water
  • Something tart will do nicely right now. - Wine
  • That was a nice set of flavours. - Nothing
  • That was a passable meal, I suppose. - Nothing
  • This bread is too dry! - Butter
  • This was too fine a dish to be eaten without an accompaniment. - Wine

Manning the Market

Daisy Sandyman is overrun by customers seeking to fill orders at the market. Help her by gathering foodstuffs at the stalls around the market and fulfilling their various requests.

Restocking the Market

Because the Farmers Market is a big hit, many of the stalls need restocking. Sperling Took asks you to run an errand to one of the various farms to pick up more goods for the market within a certain time limit. To help you finish on time, he offers you a delicious pie to give you a boost in speed.

Bywater (Fishing) Pool

Where: Bywater (for starters), Celondim Dock's, Thorin's Hall underground river and just south of Bree near Halecatch Lake.
Beginning in Bywater, you will have the opportunity to do some exciting angling in several different areas of Middle-earth. Try your luck (you'll need a lot of it) at Bywater Pool, the local fishing hole. [31.2S, 70.0W]
Go fishing, or try the different quests, and by the shore Godo Bracegirdle is happy to barter fishes for tokens.

Sandson's Egg Scramble

At Sandson's Farm, the chickens have gone wild with all the people running around. [32.0S, 74.4W]
Chase the chickens through the yard and grab their eggs as they drop them. Collecting eggs earns you Farmers Faire Tokens; the more exotic egg, the better. Keep a watchful eye out for the elusive Golden Egg worth 50 Farmers Faire Tokens!

Maggot's Mushroom Hunt

In the Marish, north of Bamfurlong, Osbert Puddifoot offers a sneaky quest. [33.7S, 64.6W]
He asks you to try your hand at grabbing Farmer Maggot's mushrooms without being detected by his trusty hounds, Fang, Grip and Wolf. Collecting mushrooms earns you Farmers Faire Tokens, but beware, consuming the mushrooms can have quite interesting effects.

Keg Racing

Where: Inside the Keg-race of Thorin's Hall, entered via a horse found every nine minutes, next to the Stable-master at Thorin's Gate. [15.0S, 103.6W]
The dwarves of Thorin's Hall are having races amongst the doughtiest drinkers and runners of their folk. You can observe the races and venture a guess at who is the likeliest to win.

The Taste of Hobbiton

Where: The Taste of Hobbiton The Taste of Hobbiton invites hobbits with the most famous appetites to come and partake in a race to eat and run, and eat some more, as fast as the hungriest hobbit possibly can.

Missing Things

Where: The Party Tree, the Festival Garden, and Thorin's Hall
Many festival patrons of Middle-earth are a bit zealous in their appreciation, and may need help gathering their wits when all is done.


Where: The Festival Grounds in the Horsefields
Brighten the festival with rockets, the likes of which haven't been seen since Bilbo's time.


Where: The Party Tree, Hobbiton-Bywater
You must be a farmer by profession if you would like to participate in the farming quest.

General Festival Events

The following events are also held during every seasonal festival:

Inn League and Ale Association

The Inn League and the Ale Association are running their activities during the faire.

Festival Dances

During all seasonal Festivals, Dance Leaders will teach characters up to eight special racial dances (two from each Race) by completing dance lessons. There is one Dance Leader located in each of the festival grounds of Thorin's Hall Inn and the Festival Garden in Ered Luin, The Party Tree in the Shire, and the Festival Grounds in Bree-land.

Dance lessons take place approximately every 20 minutes, and the quests are available for about 5 minutes before the dance begins. As of U20, the quest start times are random.

When the Dance Leader starts, target the leader and follow their instructions using the commands /dance1, /dance2, or /dance3 as they instruct you. The time to perform each step decreases with the quest's progression.

At the end of the lesson, the Dance Leader returns to their original position and you are able to select your reward: either the first or second dance emote from that race. Complete the lessons again to learn all the dances! You can do one (successful) dance per day for each race.

Festival Horse Races

Each festival brings exciting horse races to the Shire Race-track and the Bree-land Festival Grounds. By completing a race in time, players can win festival tokens which can be exchanged for festival rewards.



The following deeds can be completed during the Farmers Faire:


Keg Racing & Taste of Hobbiton

Maggot's Mushroom Hunt

Other Deeds

Sandson's Egg Scramble


The Perfect Picnic (Instance)

Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng

Festival Items

Caltha Tunnelly

Verbena Greenhand (Party Tree)

Vault Quartermaster

Summer Provisioner

Pipeweed Vendor

Barterer: Neddie Grubb (Quartermaster at Hobbiton-Bywater in the Shire) [31.2S, 70.0W]

Barterer: Ernwyd Brandybuck (Quartermaster at the Party Tree in the Shire) [29.8S, 71.6W]

Barterer: Dill Goodchild (Festival Rewards at the Party Tree in the Shire) [29.8S, 71.6W]

Barterer: Glad Goodbody (Fireworks Vendor at the Party Tree in the Shire) [29.8S, 71.6W]

Item Cost
Local Produce
 Hobbit-Fireworks* 8 Silver 80 Copper 

* The Hobbit-firework is required for the quest Fireworks for the Festival.

Barterer: Will Hindmarsh (Quartermaster at Chetwood, in Bree-land) [33.0S, 50.0W]

Barterer: Láfi (Quartermaster at Hall of Merchants within Thorin's Hall) [13.8S, 103.2W]

Barterer: Gaellien (Quartermaster at Celondim in Ered Luin) [28.2S, 92.1W]


Cosmetic Items

Housing Items


Farmers Faire Festival

Previous Summer Festival

War-steed Apparel

Cosmetic Pets


In 2020 with the introduction of the Midsummer Festival, the Summer Festival was merged into the Farmer's Faire. All of the events, items, quests, deeds and NPCs were merged into this event. With Update 27.3 those that still had Summer Festival tokens automatically received Farmers Faire tokens at a rate of 1 to 3.