The Fires of Smaug

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The Fires of Smaug
Level: 20 - 150
Size: 12-person Raid
Cluster: The Road to Erebor
Region: Erebor

"The dwarves of Erebor wish to send forth ravens with news of the Battle of Dale and to request aid, but the Easterlings have constructed a device of great evil to smoke the dwarves out of the Lonely Mountain...."


The Fires of Smaug is part of the Riders of Rohan instance cluster. It takes place in Erebor and can only be accessed via instance join.


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Instance Overview

A main fire grim, adds, and four pipes (with valves) to channel toxic smoke from the grim in to the dwarves. Valves range from fully closed (0) to fully open (5), cracking open on their own in 90 seconds, then opening an increment further every 30 seconds. The grim must be defeated in 25 minutes or it explodes, flooding the passages with smoke.


The objective of this raid is to kill the Grim before the time runs out, or if the valves are allowed to remain open and the bar reaches full you will fail as well.

The raid can split into 2 or 3 groups. One setup is two groups of 5, one group of 2, each with a healer. One group (Healer and Hunter) will be Tank/heal directly at the Grim. The other groups will split left and right to control the valves and adds as they come. Also 2 groups of 6 can also run the raid. Initial aggro from the Grim is taking by a guard/warden, and then both groups run the mechanics independently of each other.

Every 5% of the Grim's health, smoke will be pushed, so close valves beforehand. The smoke pressure pushes valves open two increments. It takes 90 seconds for a closed valve to open on its own, whereas a partially open valve will open another increment every 30 seconds.

Every 10% of the Grim's health, more adds will spawn. While keeping the valves closed, each group must kill the adds as they spawn. They do significant AoE damage and must be avoided by the light armor.

Every 25% of the Grim's health, A fire-tender and adds will spawn at the Grim and must be dealt with by one or both of the main groups. The Fire-tender will heal and prevent damange to the boss so get him down ASAP. At 50% Health, both a fire-tender and secondary adds will spawn at the same time.

The Grim does quite a bit of damage and can easily kill light armor if they get too close to the center. Melee can DPS, but only one hit a time. They will need to hit, take the damage from the Grim, wait for heals, and then DPS again.

All members of each group should stay close together at all times, whether shutting valves off, dealing with adds, Firetenders, or the Grim.


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Level 85 Drops

Gear (The Road to Erebor shared)



Tier 2

Tier 1