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Come one come all, ye adventurers, to share a time of fun and relaxation with dancing and drinking among other fine activities during these special events all around Middle-earth. These are times for celebration, not of war.

Official Events Schedule

SSG maintains a schedule of upcoming events on the website.

Seasonal Events

There are five main festivals throughout the year. During the festivals, adventurers can enjoy many different activities; some are repeated every season, and some are specific to one type of festival.

Spring Festival

Midsummer Festival

Farmers Faire

Includes all content from the former Summer Festival.

Harvest Festival

Yule Festival

General Festival Events

The following events are also held during every seasonal festival.

Welcome Back Events

From time to time, SSG introduces special "Welcome Back" weeks, weekends, or events, with temporary quest NPCs, free travel, or experience bonuses.

Welcome Back Weekend
  • Grants a bonus to many types of experience.
  • +..% Experience Gain on Monster Kills, Crafting, Quest Completions, Legendary Item and Mounted Combat XP.
  • Thank you for being a VIP and your continued support of LOTRO!
  • +100% Experience Gain on Monster kills, Crafting, Quest Completions, Legendary Item and Mounted Combat XP.
    Earned crafting experience is increased by 25%.
    +25% Mark Acquisition
Mark Acquisition Boost Weekend
  • Increased Mark gains. Does not count on Warband Spoils, token exchanges, quest rewards or deeds.
  • +25% Mark Acquisition

Special Barter Vendors

The following vendors are on a rotational basis and come and go:

Filbert Fig
Rowan Raspberry
Myrtle Mint

The Curator

The Curator barters Figments of Splendour for items and is only available at certain times of the year and is not part of the normal rotation of vendors listed above.

Other Events

Many of these events are discontinued, some events repeat on a yearly basis and others repeat at random.

Event Timeline Notes
April Fool's Chicken Run Yearly Happens around April 1st to celebrate April Fool Day.
The Combe Forester Event Biweekly This event premiered on September 15, 2023. It's the first crafting event.
Treasure Bugan Event Random This event premiered on July 22, 2021. The Treasure Bugan Event tasks players with retrieving treasure from Treasure Bugans that spawn in scaled instances and returning it to Theodore Gorse in exchange for cosmetics.
Tournament of the Twins Discontinued A special VIP-only event that launched with Update 26.2.2 on the dedicated event server Bombadil.
LOTRO Anniversary Celebration Yearly Happens around late April to celebrate the release of LOTRO.
Summer Festival Discontinued Update 27.3 merged this content into the Farmers Faire. The Midsummer Festival will take up the time slot of the summer festival.
Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday Yearly Happens on September 22, birthday of both Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins.
Ill Omens Random The Ill Omens skirmish event is a special event which is held periodically.
The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners Yearly Happens around International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th.
Durin's Day Yearly Happens on October 18th at the Lonely Mountain, Its to celebrate the dwarven new year when both the sun and moon can be seen in the sky.
Treasure Hunt Random When active, players can dig for buried treasure at the Treasure Field Base Camp, in Ered Luin.
A Game of Hobnanigans Monthly Rebooted in 2014, aimed to be activated monthly for a few days.
Bounder's Bounty Discontinued 2013 server-wide event preceding the Launch of the Helm's Deep expansion.
The Ranger's Offensive Discontinued The Ranger's Offensive was a special event which was held during Welcome Back Weekends. This event has not been active since the game went F2P in fall 2010.
The Lost Ring-lore of Eregion‎ Discontinued 2008 server-wide event preceding the Launch of Mines of Moria expansion.