The Combe Forester Event

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The Combe Forester Event is a special event held every 2 weeks.

This inaugural event takes place in the sleepy town of Combe at the Lumberyard overseen by Mason Thorne and Old Bauman. The two elder forester’s children have an enterprising idea they wish to offer to the denizens of Bree. A contest of forestry!

Foresters from all over have the chance to test their skill against one another in feats of might – hewing wood and carrying cabers – feats of agility – skinning beasts and curing hides – and feats of determined will and a strong stomach – a game of carry the caber after imbibing a local brew!


Scheduled dates
2023: Unknown
Previous Dates
2023: October 13 - October 17 (Disabled after 4 days, due bugs)
2023: September 15 - September 25 (Postponed after running for 1 day)
  • Once the event is closed it remains unavailable for about 2 weeks, then returns for 10 days, and continues with that cadence for the immediate future.
  • The event is referred to as the 'Forester Crafting Event' in the Social Event Schedule.

Event Locations


[...] Combe: I'm a Lumberjack -- Daily


Event Items

Old Bauman