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Found in online games, including MMORPGs like LOTRO, PvP or Player vs. Player is the term used to describe combat with other players rather than with the Computer (AI) of a game, (Player vs Environment or PvE). In LOTRO, players can initiate PvP or duels with another player: see duels for further information.
In LOTRO this is known as Player vs Monster Player or PvMP and refers to Monster Play in the game.
Monster Play involves the creation of special Monster Characters -- Creeps -- which engage other players "normal characters" or Freeps in a single location -- The Ettenmoors. Creeps are neither found nor permitted in other areas of Middle-earth.
Player vs Monster Player is not PvP as found in many other games. You cannot fight another player to the death with your normal characters, and you cannot loot that other player's goods if you prove victorious.
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