Delving Mission Giver

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Delving Mission Givers provide quests associated with Delvings and Missions from Cardolan and Swanfleet.



Barterers and Mission-givers can be found throughout Cardolan and Swanfleet, as well as at any Skirmish Camp:

Coordinates Directions / Description
[0.1S, 39.1W] (Angmar) Dyvan at Aughaire
[32.4S, 50.3W] (Bree-land) Pennand at Bree
[37.6S, 49.8W] (Cardolan) Baglan at Gerwyn's Convoy
[50.1S, 44.7W] (Cardolan) Hithriel at Herne
[17.0N, 27.2W] (Dale-lands) Dyvan in the Barracks of Lake-town
[79.7S, 16.9W] (Dunland) Rhona at Galtrev
[59.7S, 62.6W] (Eastern Rohan) Pennand at Snowbourn
[69.6S, 13.5W] (Enedwaith) Dyvan at Harndirion
[14.0S, 102.9W] (Ered Luin) Frothleif at Thorin's Gate
[40.5S, 15.6W] (Eregion) Pennand at Gwingris
[12.7S, 66.7W] (Evendim) Dyvan at Tinnudir
[19.8N, 70.4W] (Forochel) Frothleif at Sûri-kylä
[26.4S, 63.2W] (Great River) Pennand in the Skirmish Hall of Stangard
[31.2S, 29.1W] (Lone-lands) Dyvan at Ost Guruth
[14.6S, 72.9W] (Lothlórien) Cadell at Echad Andestel
[14.6S, 50.8W] (Mirkwood) Cadell at Ost Galadh
[6.1S, 105.0W] (Moria) Frothleif at The Twenty-first Hall
[9.5S, 42.9W] (North Downs) Rhona at Esteldin
[26.9S, 68.1W] (Shire) Brimo Curch at Brockenborings
[65.0S, 29.3W] (Swanfleet) Irvo Curch at Clegur
[40.4S, 10.3W] (The Wastes) Rhona at the Camp of the Host
[30.2S, 6.3W] (Trollshaws) Cadell at Rivendell
[75.8S, 72.9W] (Western Gondor) Rhona in the Armoury of Dol Amroth
[68.8S, 64.2W] (Western Rohan) Pennand in the Skirmish Hall of Aldburg
[38.6S, 61.1W] (Wildermore) Rhona in the Skirmish Hall of Forlaw