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Beorning Intro

The Beorning introduction begins in Meadhollow, talking to Sterkist. Radagast has urgently came to visit Grimbeorn, and soon the new Beorning character is asked to leave the quiet life and adventure into Middle Earth.

After the introduction instance, the new character is moved to Archet

Introduction - Beorning

  1. [1] Instance: The Skin-changer's Heritage
  2. [5] The Ranger's Trail

Next follows the Epic Prologue Quests:

Hobbit and Man Intro

The Hobbit introduction begins at a dusk road in Green Hill Country, via Old Odo's Leaf-farm to a brigand jail somewhere. After a sudden rescue the Hobbit eventually ends up in Archet, where the real adventures soon begins.

The Race of Man introduction begins in a jail in a brigand camp somewhere. After a dramatic and violent escape the Man eventually ends up in Archet, where the real adventure soon begins.

Those were the days when Archet was a thriving and busy place, before the Blackwold brigands and the Black Riders began the Assault on Archet.

Introduction - Hobbit/Man

  1. [1] Intro (Hobbit), Instance: A Road through the Dark
  2. [1] Intro (Man), Instance: Jail Break
  3. [1] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Strider's Charge
  4. [1] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Captain Brackenbrook
  5. [2] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Honing Your Skills
  6. [3] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Remedy of the Old Kings
  7. [3] Intro (Hobbit/Man): The Interrogation
  8. [3] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Siege to the South
  9. [4] Intro (Hobbit/Man): A Plea for Aid
  10. [4] Intro (Hobbit/Man): The Exiled Hunter
  11. [5] Intro (Hobbit/Man): Into the Shadow
  12. [5] Intro (Hobbit/Man): A Slender Hope
  13. [5] Intro (Hobbit/Man): The Storm is Upon Us

Continue with:

Hobbit:   Prologue (Hobbit): Mundo's Complaint
Man: Prologue: Burying the Dead

Dwarf and Elf Intro

The Dwarf introduction begins at Silver Deep and via rescuing miners from a troll to the discovery of Skorgrím's corpse, something that stir up Gormr's sudden interest.

The Elf introduction begins in the serene Edhelion, via surviving a violent attack by Skorgrím's party, to a temporary camp in Edhelion Watch, east of Thorin's Gate.

Evil tidings cloud the sky, but ... is not Skorgrím dead since long ago? What horrors are about to happen? Now the real adventure begins.

Introduction - Dwarf/Elf

  1. [1] Intro (Dwarf), Instance: Into the Silver Deep
  2. [1] Intro (Elf), Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion
  3. [1] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Elrond's Errand
  4. [1] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Elrond's Dream
  5. [2] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Honing Your Skills
  6. [3] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Where Skorgrím Fell
  7. [3] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Where Skorgrím Sleeps
  8. [4] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): The Footprints of Blood
  9. [4] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Gormr, Steward of the Hall
  10. [4] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Shrine to the Fallen King
  11. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): An Uneasy Feeling
  12. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): A Plague at Thorin's Gate
  13. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): A Putrid Spring
  14. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Medicine of the Elves
  15. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): To Evade the Impending Doom
  16. [5] Intro (Dwarf/Elf): Skorgrím's Tomb

Next follows the Epic Prologue Quests:

Dwarf: [5] Prologue (Dwarf): At the Behest of Unnarr
Elf: [5] Prologue (Elf): At the Behest of Cardavor

High Elf Intro

The High Elf introduction begins in Dagorlad, talking to a very old friend, Harthalín. That meeting takes place prior to the major battle between the army of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and the hordes of Mordor at the end of the Second Age.

Introduction - High Elf

Next follows the High Elf Prologue:

  1. [5] Prologue (High Elf): A Sea Unsettled
  2. [5] Prologue (High Elf): Reflections of the Past

Followed by the Elf Prologue:

Stout-axe Intro

The Stout-axe introduction begins in Barad-dûr. The new character begins just another day with chores for the Dark Lord. But soon ...

Introduction - Stout-axe

  1. [1] Intro (Stout-axe): Instance: Tremors Beneath Barad-dûr
  2. [1] Intro (Stout-axe): Toil in the Dark Tower
  3. [1] Intro (Stout-axe): A New Servitude
  4. [1] Intro (Stout-axe): The Shadow of Mordor
  5. [5] Prologue (Stout-axe): Far From Home

Next follows the Epic Prologue Quest: