Delving Quartermaster

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Delving Quartermaster
Image of Delving Quartermaster
Title Delving Reward Vendor
Role Barter


Delving Quartermasters can be found throughout Cardolan, Swanfleet and Umbar Baharbêl. They are located close to the NPC that has the Missions that can be used in Delvings. They can also be found at most Skirmish Camps.

Coordinates Directions / Description
[37.6S, 49.8W] Gerwyn's Convoy (Baglan)
[50.1S, 44.7W] Herne (Hithriel)
[65.0S, 29.3W] Clegur (Irvo Curch)
[19.7S, 97.6W] Umbar Baharbêl, inside The Bloody Eagle Tavern


As of U38.1.1, even though the barterer is in Umbar Baharbêl, this still only barters level 140 gear.


Item Cost
 Delving Bag of Copper Coins 100 Silver
 Delving Bag of Silver Coins Gold
 Delving Bag of Gold Coins 10 Gold