The Weaver's Den

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The Weaver's Den
Type: Spider Lair
Region: Bree-land
Area: Old Forest
Location: [36.8S, 57.6W]

The Weaver's Den is a landmark within the Old Forest, in Bree-land. [36.8S, 57.6W]

Tucked away in a dark corner of the Old Forest, in the furthest south, this is the lair of an evil brood of monstrous spiders. Make your way to the Withywindle stream and follow it south-east a bit, turn south until an opening that allows you to move east and then south again. Continue until near the Brandywine River and soon the trees are covered in webs, the Weaver's Den. It is not possible to enter or exit the Old Forest this way.




These deeds can be advanced by exploring the Weaver's Den:


These creatures are encountered within this location: