Weapons and Armour Shop (West)

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Weapons and Armour Shop
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [30.3S, 52.5W]
Weapons and Armour Shop (West) Interior.jpg


Weapons and Armour Shop is an interior in western Bree. [30.3S, 52.5W]

Weapons and Armour Shop Exterior

This well assorted shop is found at the western side of the street between the Stone Quarter and the West Gate. Here are vendors who sell armour and weapons for the levels 24 to 32. Notice that there is a southern armaments shop for the levels 15 - 23, by the town hall square.


NPC Function
HumanM.png James Clover Light Armoursmith
HumanM.png Wystan Milkweed Medium Armoursmith
HumanM.png Bail Threespot Heavy Armoursmith
HumanM.png Edwin Miller Bowyer
HumanM.png Windle Moorneedle One-handed Weaponsmith
HumanF.png Githa Hawkweed Two-handed Weaponsmith


Entry room of the Weapons & Armour Shop Bedroom in the back of the shop

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