Midgewater Pass

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Midgewater Pass
Type: Trail
Region: Bree-land
Area: The Midgewater Marshes
Location: [30.1S, 42.6W]
Midgewater Pass.jpg


Midgewater Pass is a landmark within the Midgewater Marshes in Bree-land. [30.1S, 42.6W]

This is a natural passage out of the marshes into Weather Hills known only to a few, save the Rangers. It begins just north of the Mustering Cave and leads north-eastwards up out of the bogs and eventually reaches the Weatherway and the Lone-lands beyond.

This is the path Strider led the Ringbearer's company toward Weathertop in order to evade the prowling Nazgûl.





Rally Point in Midgewater Pass