High Stair

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High Stair
Type: Staircase
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [30.9S, 51.8W]
High Stair.jpg


High Stair is a landmark within Bree in Bree-land. [30.9S, 51.8W]

The High Stair is located just north of Jasmine's Garden and starting at the Infiltrators' Headquarters it leads from the narrow alley between Bree-town Hall Courtyard and the Stone Quarter up to the Scholar's Walk and beyond. One reason to walk this stair is to reach the Bree-land Reflecting Pool or the upper entrance of the Scholar's Stair Archives. At the stair is also found Artie Root's House, a large, nicely decorated flat.


The High Stair looking down from above

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