Everclear Lakes

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Everclear Lakes
Type: Lakes
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Bree-fields
Location: [26.3S, 55.2W]
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Everclear Lakes is a landmark within Northern Bree-fields in Bree-land. [26.3S, 55.2W]

This is the name given to three medium-sized lakes which form an area of water that rivals the larger Starmere Lake to the north-west. Individually each lake is comparable in size to the lake in Archet Dale or Halecatch Lake. These lakes are located north-west of Dogwood's Farm and from there a brook streams southward past the Greenway Crossing and disappears into some underground water-system of unknown directions.




HobbitM.png Benegar Longbottom



Little bridge on the Everclear Lakes Shed & work site on the banks of the Lakes

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