Combe Gate

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Points of Interest-icon.png
Combe Gate
Type: Gate
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [30.2S, 50.1W]
Combe Gate

Combe Gate is a Point of Interest within the city of Bree in Bree-land. [30.2S, 50.1W]

This gate is a passage between the Market Square to the greater Combe area and Archet beyond. One can also head south from this gate to access Staddle. This is a main junction for the hobbits and men living around the Bree-hill, thus some locals are found here watching the road for people they can trust with some urgent quest or two. During festivals further activities are found at this gate.





The following NPCs can be found within this landmark:

HumanM.png Bruner Stoutthrush
HumanM.png Clayton Cole
Dwarf.png Daggeir - Festival