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Settlements-icon.png Celondim
Region: Ered Luin
Location: [28.2S, 92.1W]


Celondim is a settlement and an area within Ered Luin, in the south-eastern region. [28.2S, 92.1W]

This elven town lies southernmost in Ered Luin on the river Lhûn, just south of Duillond. Celondim, Sindarin for "river dell", has been the major port which ferried wood to Mithlond where the white ships departed for the West, and yet today it is a bustling city. Here a new elf character appears, supposedly two years after the final introduction quest is completed.

Celondim is full of merchants and trainers of warfare, and a vault-keeper. The craft-fair provides all kinds of facilities and trainers, and a set of farmlands just above; see Celondim's Crafting Terrace.




Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Combe (Swift) Bree-land 1 Silver 
West Bree (Swift) Bree-land 1 Silver 
Ered Luin
Duillond Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Falathlorn Homesteads (Swift) Ered Luin 5 Silver 
Falathlorn Homesteads Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Thorin's Gate (Swift) Ered Luin 1 Silver 
The Shire
Michel Delving (Swift) The Shire 1 Silver 


Rally Point
Celondim Harbour
Merchant Terrace

See also the Crafting Terrace for quests


Epic Quests


Epic Quests:


See also Celondim's Crafting Terrace for NPCs


NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Faellindiel Bard [28.0S, 92.5W]
ElfF.png Maegamel Healer [28.0S, 92.5W]
ElfF.png Hambrennil Outfitter [27.9S, 92.1W]
ElfF.png Barchiril Housing Broker - Falathlorn [25.0S, 90.6W]
ElfM.png Laenin the Glade Watcher Barter Exchange Trader [28.3S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Roherdir Stable-master [28.1S, 92.4W]
ElfF.png Festival Announcer Stable-master - Festival [28.1S, 92.4W]
ElfF.png Gaellien Festival Quartermaster [28.2S, 92.1W]
Dwarf.png Seifur Games-master - Anniversaries [28.3S, 92.1W]
HumanF.png Wenda Cranesbill VIP Rewards bestower [28.2S, 92.1W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Edenithil Bowyer [27.9S, 92.3W]
ElfM.png Elgirion Light Armoursmith [27.9S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Ithilvir Medium Armoursmith [27.9S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Gilbor Weaponsmith [27.8S, 92.1W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Coords
HobbitM.png Falco Broadhouse Burglar Trainer [28.2S, 92.2W]
HumanM.png Nelson Grimm Captain Trainer [28.2S, 92.2W]
ElfM.png Drambor Champion Trainer [28.2S, 92.2W]
ElfF.png Gwathel Guardian Trainer [28.2S, 92.2W]
ElfF.png Erydhriel Hunter Trainer [28.1S, 92.2W]
ElfM.png Athradir Lore-master Trainer [28.3S, 92.3W]
ElfM.png Melthindir Minstrel Trainer [28.1S, 92.2W]
ElfM.png Althrendir Rune-keeper Trainer [28.3S, 92.3W]
ElfM.png Drambin Warden Trainer [28.3S, 92.0W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Baillindiel Quest - Minstrel [28.0S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Cardavor Quest [28.3S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Eglamír Quest [28.0S, 91.9W]
ElfF.png Eilian Quest [28.6S, 92.0W]
ElfM.png Gairil Quest - midsummer [28.2S, 91.9W]
ElfM.png Guleneth Quest [27.9S, 92.8W]
ElfM.png Laegon Quest [27.9S, 92.3W]
ElfM.png Mibrethil Quest [28.9S, 92.3W]
ElfF.png Raindis Quest [27.8S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Taerthon Quest - only in High Elf Prologue [28.2S, 92.1W]
ElfM.png Thinglaer Quest [27.9S, 92.2W]
ElfM.png Toronn Quest [28.5S, 92.0W]
Dwarf.png Dockworker
AllRaces.png Fisherman
HumanM.png Sailor
ElfM.png Sentinel
ElfM.png Shipbuilder
HumanM.png Sleeping Sailor
AllRaces.png Traveller
ElfF.png Wanderer
ElfM.png Wine Enthusiast

Civic Structures and Facilities

Celondim's Crafting Terrace

Crafting Terrace
See Celondim's Crafting Terrace for more details.

Celondim's Crafting Terrace is the craft-fair for Celondim. [28.2S, 92.7W]

The Crafting Terrace is located above Celondim, embedded and sheltered in a terrace at the hill-side. Even higher up is found a Vault-keeper, and even further up are a Novice Farmhand and Farmlands. Adventurers seeking a crafting vocation are directed to speak to the Master of Apprentices, Golphedinir.