Quest:Crafting: A Terrace in Celondim

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Crafting: A Terrace in Celondim
Level 6
Type Solo
Starts with Mibrethil
Starts at Celondim
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [28.3S, 92.5W]
Ends with Gwaloth
Ends at Celondim's Crafting Terrace
End Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [28.2S, 92.7W]
Quest Group Crafting
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Welcome to Falathlorn, <name>. You can see the harbour-city of Celondim up the hill to the north-east, and the refuge of Duillond is further to the north.

'But I can see that you have a desire to fashion goods, to practice your ability to create things of substance and use. It is my recommendation that you visit my friend Gwaloth at the terrace overlooking Celondim, where many useful and comely goods are fashioned. Go up the hill to the north-east into the city and follow the path to the left as it winds up the hillside. Atop the stairs, follow the path southward to the terrace.

'Gwaloth will be pleased to help you learn how to begin your journey as a craftsman.'


Mibrethil has suggested that you speak with his friend Gwaloth at a terrace overlooking the harbour of Celondim where useful and comely goods are made.

Objective 1

Gwaloth is on a terrace overlooking Celondim, located south of the top of the stairs that wind up the hillside around which the city is constructed.

The Elf Mibrethil suggested that you speak with his friend Gwaloth if you are interested in learning a crafting trade.

Mibrethil: 'Gwaloth is on a terrace overlooking Celondim where many useful things are made. Go down the hill to the north-east into Celondim, then climb the winding stair on your left as it rises along the hillside. Atop the stair, take the southern path to the terrace and introduce yourself to Gwaloth. She will gladly aid you in choosing a crafting vocation.'
Gwaloth: 'Mibrethil sent you to me? You must be interested in learning a crafting trade, then? Wonderful! Ered Luin will be better for your efforts, my friend! Speak with the Master of Apprentices on this terrace, for he can help you choose a vocation in which to specialize. A vocation is a bundle of three crafting professions with overlapping skills -- choose your vocation with care, because you will expend a great deal of time and energy improving your skill with the professions under its purview!
'Once the Master of Apprentices has welcomed you to your chosen vocation, be sure to speak with a supplier. She can sell you the tools of your trade -- every profession has its own tools, so be not over-shy with your coinpurse! The novices will be happy to sell you any recipes you might wish to have, though I can tell you now that you will already know how to make a thing or two.
'Equip the crafting tools you plan on using and find an appropriate facility -- Celondim has a forge, workbench, and oven available for your use -- and begin practising your skills! You will advance in your chosen professions as you practice and seek out the teachings of others in the field. I hope you will become a skilled craftsman, <name>, and that it will bring joy to you and profit to Ered Luin!'