Landscape Difficulty

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Landscape Difficulty is a set of quests currently available on all servers that are designed to make landscape encounters more difficult for players in exchange for granting bonus experience points and titles.

All landscape difficulty quests are bestowed by Hardened Traveller and are available once players complete the introduction.

The Hardened Traveller can be found at the following locations:

Coordinates Directions / Description
[29.7S, 51.3W] (Bree) The Prancing Pony
[32.1S, 76.5W] (The Shire) Little Delving
[13.8S, 103.1W] (Ered Luin) Thorin's Gates
[28.1S, 92.3W] (Ered Luin) Celondim
[25.4S, 48.7W] (Bree-land) Archet
[60.4S, 34.6W] (Swanfleet) Mossward
[5.9S, 105.1W] (Zelem-melek) The Twenty-first Hall

Note that Landscape Difficulty only applies when in the open world and in solo/duo skirmishes and missions. Landscape Difficulty debuffs and effects are disabled inside of other instances, and Delvings (after accepting a quest from the delving stone).

Effect on Gameplay

When completing a Difficulty quest, the character will gain a Difficulty debuff. This debuff has the following effects on the character:

  • Decreases outgoing damage
  • Increases incoming damage
  • Increases XP and Virtue XP gain
  • Triggers additional effects on enemy targets

The higher the Difficulty selected, the more pronounced these effects will be.

Quests and Effects

Following is a list of Landscape Difficulty quests along with the effects that are applied both to the character and any enemy targets while at that difficulty.

Tier Difficulty Quest Character Debuff(s)[1] XP Gain[2] VXP Gain Enemy Effects
0 Difficulty 0: Normal None None None None
1 Difficulty 1: Adventurous Difficulty 1: Adventurous +10% +1% None
2 Difficulty 2: Daring Difficulty 2: Daring +15% +3% None
3 Difficulty 3: Fearless Difficulty 3: Fearless
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
4 Difficulty 4: Fearless +1 Difficulty 4: Fearless +1
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
5 Difficulty 5: Fearless +2 Difficulty 5: Fearless +2
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
6 Difficulty 6: Fearless +3 Difficulty 6: Fearless +3
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
7 Difficulty 7: Heroic Difficulty 7: Heroic
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
8 Difficulty 8: Heroic +1 Difficulty 8: Heroic +1
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
9 Difficulty 9: Heroic +2 Difficulty 9: Heroic +2
The Eye of Sauron[3]
+20% +5% Enraged Effects
  1. Debuffs are only active in landscape and are deactivated inside of instances of group size 3 or higher, as well as in quest instances.
  2. XP gain applies only to landscape monster kills
  3. a b c d e f g The Eye of Sauron debuff is occasionally applied while in combat and lasts 3 minutes.

Deeds and Titles

The appropriate Landscape Difficulty quest must be completed before the character reaches level 11 for the following deed(s) to be bestowed. Afterwards, setting the difficulty to lower than the minimum difficulty level required for a deed, will cancel it and block the character from ever completing it. Once completed, the bestowed title(s) are Account-wide, and can be used by any class.

Note: If you want to qualify for Fearless deeds, you cannot select a lower difficulty first! Completing the quest for Daring or below immediately and permanently disqualifies you from getting the Fearless deeds.

Class Deed Level 50 Adventurous and higher Deed Level 50 Fearless and higher Deed Level 130 Adventurous and higher Deed Level 130 Fearless and higher
Beorning Apprentice of Claws Disciple of Claws Adept of Claws Master of Claws
Brawler Apprentice of Fists Disciple of Fists Adept of Fists Master of Fists
Burglar Apprentice of Shadows Disciple of Shadows Adept of Shadows Master of Shadows
Captain Apprentice of Banners Disciple of Banners Adept of Banners Master of Banners
Champion Novitiate of Blades Disciple of Blades Adept of Blades Master of Blades
Guardian Apprentice of Shields Disciple of Shields Adept of Shields Master of Shields
Hunter Apprentice of Bows Disciple of Bows Adept of Bows Master of Bows
Lore-master Apprentice of Scrolls Disciple of Scrolls Adept of Scrolls Master of Scrolls
Mariner Apprentice of Sword-play Disciple of Sword-play Adept of Sword-play Master of Sword-play
Minstrel Apprentice of Song Disciple of Song Adept of Song Master of Song
Rune-keeper Apprentice of Runes Disciple of Runes Adept of Runes Master of Runes
Warden Apprentice of Arms Disciple of Arms Adept of Arms Master of Arms