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Taverns and inns are found throughout Middle-earth in towns and villages with sizable populations. There, adventurers and weary travellers can enjoy local cuisine and beverages.
They can often purchase various goods and services from various vendors and merchants such as the Tavern Keepers themselves, Healers, Barbers, Bards, Provisioners, Suppliers, Tasks Bulletin Board, and even the occasional Hobby Masters.
Each tavern has a different cast of characters.

List of Taverns

A recognizable sign

Listed below are the taverns currently open for business and where to find them.

Tavern Location Region Map Ref
The Shire
The Bird and Baby Inn Michel Delving The Shire [33.4S, 75.4W]
The Green Dragon Bywater The Shire [31.8S, 69.6W]
The Plough and Stars Brockenborings The Shire [27.6S, 68.1W]
The Ivy Bush Hobbiton The Shire [31.4S, 71.1W]
The Golden Perch Stock The Shire [32.0S, 63.8W]
The Floating Log Inn Frogmorton The Shire [31.7S, 68.0W]
The Mad Badger Inn Archet Bree-land [25.1S, 48.9W]
The Comb and Wattle Inn Combe Bree-land [28.7S, 49.4W]
The Prancing Pony Bree Bree-land [29.6S, 51.3W]
Ered Luin
Thorin's Hall Inn Thorin's Gate Ered Luin [13.8S, 103.2W]
The Forsaken Inn Annunlos The Lone-lands [34.0S, 40.7W]
21st Hall Inn Zelem-melek Moria [5.8S, 105.1W]
The Haunted Inn Dourstocks Mirkwood [13.4S, 56.1W]
The Great River
Stangard Tavern Stangard Great River [25.4S, 63.3W]
East Rohan
Harwick Tavern Harwick The Wold [39.0S, 52.4W]
Elthengels Inn Elthengels Norcrofts [48.6S, 52.6W]
Floodwend Inn Floodwend The Wold [45.9S, 48.1W]
Snowbourn Tavern Snowbourn Sutcrofts [61.1S, 61.5W]
West Rohan
Woodhurst Tavern Woodhurst Stonedeans [47.2S, 79.7W]
Aldburg Tavern Aldburg Eastfold [69.1S, 63.5W]
Beaconwatch Tavern Beaconwatch Eastfold [69.5S, 56.9W]
Western Gondor
Lothgobel Tavern Lothgobel Lamedon [64.3S, 57.1W]
Central Gondor
Ethring Tavern Ethring Ringló Vale [72.0S, 50.1W]
Eastern Gondor
Forlong's Hall Arnach Lossarnach [77.4S, 24.6W]
Old Anórien
The Wheel and Cask Workers' Tier Minas Tirith [63.2S, 19.1W]
The Mûmak and Keep Soldiers' Tier Minas Tirith [67.2S, 20.1W]
The Haven Craftsmen's Tier Minas Tirith [66.7S, 18.1W]
The Merry Swan Craftsmen's Tier Minas Tirith [67.0S, 19.8W]
The Thirsty Seer Sages' Tier Minas Tirith [66.2S, 19.7W]
The Splintered Shield Soldiers' Tier Minas Tirith (Midsummer) [20.6N, 55.6W]
Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
The Jolly Bell Dale The Dale-lands [25.3N, 25.7W]