Craftsmen's Tier

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Craftsmens' Tier
Type: City quarter
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [64.7S, 18.0W]


The Craftsmen's Tier is the third of the seven Circles of Minas Tirith, in Old Anórien. [64.7S, 18.0W] Entrance is by way of the Silver Gate.
This tier houses shops and smithies of the craftsmen of the White City, as well as the Clothiers' Market and Fellow-hall. Builders and merchants will find much to attend their needs on this tier of the city, as will any who seek the auctioneers at the House of Clamor.'





Craftsmen's Tier locations from north end to south end clockwise:
Coordinates Directions / Description
[64.3S, 20.3W] Egalmoth's Green
[64.1S, 19.5W] Builders' Fellow-hall
[64.2S, 19.4W] The Brick and Mortar
[64.1S, 19.2W] Builders' Market
[64.1S, 18.9W] The Hammer and Tongs
[64.5S, 18.5W] Forges of Cirion
[64.5S, 18.1W] Smiths' Fellow-hall
[64.8S, 18.1W] The House of Craft
[64.8S, 17.9W] Smiths' Market
[64.8S, 17.8W] The Silver Gate
[65.2S, 17.8W] Vaults of Rynd Mirath
[65.2S, 17.7W] House of Clamour
[65.7S, 17.8W] Crafters' Neath
[66.2S, 17.8W] Clothiers' Market
[66.3S, 18.0W] Clothiers' Fellow-hall
[66.7S, 18.1W] The Haven
[67.0S, 18.6W] House of Rest
[67.1S, 18.7W] Court of Earnil
[66.9S, 19.3W] Middle Stores
[67.0S, 19.8W] The Merry Swan
[66.8S, 20.1W] Hostellers' Fellow-hall




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


Clothiers' Fellow-hall

Habdir - Quest

Forges of Cirion

Rhofin - Quest

Middle Stores

Rastion - Quest

The Merry Swan

NPC Function
Imadan Tavern Keep
Forlong Quest
Hirluin Quest
Neldir Quest

Other Locations

Supplies & Services

NPC Coords
Stable-master [64.8S, 17.9W]
Vault-keeper [65.2S, 17.8W]
Auctioneer [65.1S, 17.7W]
Forge-master [67.4S, 18.0W]
Forge-master [63.5S, 18.5W]
Supplier [66.3S, 17.8W]
Supplier [66.9S, 19.8W]
Provisioner [66.2S, 17.9W]
Tavern Keep [66.7S, 18.1W]
Tavern Keep [67.0S, 19.7W]
Tavern Keep [64.0S, 18.9W]
Tavern Keep [64.2S, 19.4W]
Healer [67.0S, 18.7W]
Bard of Gondor [67.1S, 19.7W]
Bard of Gondor [64.2S, 19.7W]


NPC Coords
Expert Tailor [66.2S, 17.9W]
Expert Woodworker [64.1S, 19.3W]


NPC Function Coords
Aglarang Quest [64.3S, 18.5W]
Bariel Deed [66.7S, 20.2W]
Círgon Quest [64.3S, 20.2W]
Cugwen Quest [66.8S, 18.4W]
Lintanar Quest [65.1S, 17.0W]
Soromar Quest [64.7S, 17.7W]