Sages' Tier

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Sages' Tier
Type: City quarter
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [65.1S, 18.6W]
The Sages' Tier as you enter from the Gate of Stars


The Sages' Tier is the fifth of the seven Circles of Minas Tirith, in Old Anórien. [65.1S, 18.6W]
Protected by the Gate of Stars, this tier is a place of learning. Scholars study the stars from its orrery and tower, and natural philosophers make learned arguments within its quiet courtyards. Several archives can be found in the Fifth Circle, as can the Houses of Lore and the scriptorium where copies are made of valued documents and records containing the ancient knowledge of Númenor.




Sages' Tier locations from north end to south end clockwise:
Coordinates Directions / Description
[64.9S, 19.5W] Hall of Air
[65.0S, 19.4W] The Eagle and Sickle
[64.9S, 18.9W] House of the Heavens
[65.1S, 18.7W] Court of Meneldil
[65.1S, 18.6W] Upper Stores
[65.0S, 18.5W] Gate of Stars
[65.6S, 18.5W] The Lore-neath
[65.6S, 18.5W] The Old Archives
[66.1S, 18.8W] The Archives of Vorondil
[66.4S, 19.5W] The Black House
[66.3S, 19.5W] Houses of Lore
[66.2S, 19.7W] The Thirsty Seer



Sages' Tier

  1. [100] Unspoken Fears
  2. [100] Words of the Enemy
  3. [100] Vile Tongues
    [100] Instance: Vile Tongues


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


The Houses of Lore

Idhrenil - Quest

Maenir - Quest

Other Locations Supplies & Services

NPC Coords
Minstrel Trainer [64.8S, 19.2W]
Burglar Trainer [64.9S, 19.4W]
Lore-master Trainer [66.4S, 19.1W]
Rune-keeper Trainer [66.4S, 19.6W]
Stable-master [65.0S, 18.7W]
Tavern Keep [66.2S, 19.7W]
Suspicious Character [65.1S, 18.5W]

Quest NPCs

NPC Function Coords
Doronir Quest [65.0S, 18.5W]
Mirudil Quest [66.1S, 18.6W]
Sarnion Quest [66.2S, 18.7W]
Tegilwen Quest [66.4S, 19.4W]
Túlharil Quest [65.1S, 18.68W]