The Bloody Eagle Tavern

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Bloody Eagle Tavern
Type: Tavern
Region: Cape of Umbar
Area: Umbar Baharbêl
Location: [19.7S, 97.6W]


Bloody Eagle Tavern is a tavern in the Lower Ward of Umbar Baharbêl.

Quest Involvement


The following 11 repeatable Missions can be completed each day, or they can be reset and run more often for 5 Mithril Coins.

Mission Bestower Delving Enabled?
Mission: A Cut Above Malthak Yes
Mission: A Dark Treasure Deshra Yes
Mission: A Life's Work Malthak Yes
Mission: A Natural Disaster Deshra Yes
Mission: A Taste for Crab Malthak Yes
Mission: An Infestation of Crabs Deshra No
Mission: Protecting the Sea Lanes Malthak No
Mission: Securing Salvage Malthak Yes
Mission: Ship of Wraiths Deshra Yes
Mission: The Beast of Belfalas Malthak Yes
Mission: The Ill-fated Cave Deshra No



NPC Function
Services & Supplies
Akálam Tavern Keep
Provisioner Provisioner
Healer Healer
Supplier Supplier
Quest givers
Deshra Missions giver
Malthak Missions giver
Ledger-keepers Quartermaster Allegiance Vendor
Order of the Eagle Quartermaster Allegiance Vendor
Quartermaster Delvings
Quartermaster The City of Umbar
Quartermaster The Renewal of Gondor

Deed Involvement