Bindbale's Rest

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Bindbale's Rest
Type: Wreckage
Region: Bree-land
Area: The Midgewater Marshes
Location: [34.5S, 42.5W]
Bindbale's Rest.jpg

Bindbale's Rest is a landmark within the Midgewater Marshes, in Bree-land. [34.5S, 42.5W]

This was the place for an attack upon a caravan travelling on the Great East Road, not far from the Forsaken Inn. Having stopped for the night near the edge of the marshes, Bindbale found himself under attack by goblins. It is unknown if there were any survivors, but the wrecked wagon is beyond repair and nearby the dead driver is found.


Goblins responsible for the caravan attack



HumanM.png Cart-driver


These creatures are encountered within this location: