Artie Root's House

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Artie Root's House
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [30.9S, 51.8W]
Artie Root's House.jpg

Artie Root's House is found at the High Stair in Bree. [30.9S, 51.8W]

Artie Root, a new resident of Bree lives behind a humble door at the southern end of the High Stair. Behind the door, however, Artie has a nicely decorated, large flat all for himself...all but for the numerous turtles he unexpectedly received once.


Entrance to Artie Root's House

HumanM.png Artie Root




Bedroom in Artie's House Turtles dining on Artie's food Turtles abound in Artie Root's House

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