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Owning your own home in Middle-Earth is a unique experience. What makes it so special is that one can furnish that home, both inside and outside, to suit one's personal tastes. Some Kinships and others hold "housing competitions" where they award prizes to home owners for the "best decorated" home.


Each house has a certain number of "decoration hooks", which allow one to place decorations throughout the inside of the home and out in their yards.

Note that most housing decorations are cosmetic in nature. There is no mechanism to acquire or install additional storage chests. However, some allow interactions and provide services like Visiting Bankers, Stable-masters Stands, crafting facilities and more.

How to Get Decorations

Decorations are obtained in many different ways:

  • Of special note are the lore pages, collected in the landscape, that reward with Audio Journal decorations.

You will quickly discover that you collect far more decorations items than you can possibly display, even in the largest home or kinhouse.

Decoration Mode

To begin decorating, one must be within the bounds of the house's property, and enter "Decoration Mode".

Housing Management (top), Toggle Decoration Mode (bottom) buttons on radar.

To do so, click the button that appears on your Radar -- "Toggle Decoration Mode". This will make all available decoration hooks visible and "highlight".

You are now in Decoration Mode.
You are no longer in Decoration Mode.
will display in your chat window as appropriate.

In every home, you can find the "decorator's controls" immediately beside the door as well as decoration hooks around the house.

  • Decorator Controls - This is a set of special decoration hooks that lets you apply colour paints, wallpapers and music to your rooms.
  • Decoration Hooks - These appear as wireframe boxes and let you place your decoration items to furnish your home. They are categorized into different types.

Placing items

  1. Right-click or double-click on a Decoration Hook. This will open a small "Decoration" panel displaying the "Type" of hook.
  2. Open your Inventory (Press I), and drag the appropriate decoration item to the slot in the "Decoration" panel.
  3. Sliders will appear which will allow you to rotate and adjust the positioning of the decoration item.

House Permissions

Main article: House#Housing Management

Adjacent to the "Toggle Decoration Mode" button on your radar, is the "Housing Management" button. Clicking that button opens and closes the "Housing" panel, where you can pay your upkeep and perform other Housing related tasks. One of these tasks involves managing house permissions. A house owner can grant individuals or groups permission to decorate the owner's house with their own decoration items, whether it's bound to them or not. Should you want to remove such decoration afterwards, right-click it and use "Return to Owner" button.

The two buttons on your radar disappear once you leave the immediate area of your home. However, the Housing Management panel can still be accessed from the Character panel (Press C) from anywhere.

Decoration Slots

Classic Houses are limited to only certain decoration hook types while Premium Houses have access to more of them.

Classic & Premium Premium Only


  • While the Decoration Hooks will only accept Decoration Items of corresponding type, some decoration items can be slotted into multiple types of decoration hooks.
  • Cosmetic Pets can be used as a housing decoration by purchasing Pet Harness or spending Mithril Coins. They can be placed into a Furniture or Yard hook.

Patch Notes: With Update 30.3 and later game updates, many of the Interior and Exterior hook types have been consolidated. For e.g. Thin, Small, Large and Special Furniture Hooks are now "Furniture Hooks". Large Yard and Small Yard are now "Yard Hooks" and "Mobile Yard Hooks". Additionally, more hook types have been made available.


Housing Furnishers

Decoration Items can be purchased from Housing Furnishers located in each homestead.

Reputation Vendors

Decoration Items and Decoration Item Recipes can be purchased from Reputation Vendors found throughout Middle-earth.

Reputation Barterers

Decoration Items and Decoration Item Recipes can be obtained from Reputation Barterers.

Reputation Quartermasters

Taxidermist Vendors

Trophies can be bartered from Taxidermists, mainly found in Bree at the Whitethorn Taxidermist Shop.

Special Trophies can be bartered from an Inn League Taxidermist found in Michel Delving at the Bird and Baby Inn, open to the Inn League (Reputation) Friend Status members only.

Crafting Guild Recipe Vendors

Furniture recipes can be purchased from the Improved Recipes Vendor's of each guild with the proper reputation rank.

Festival Vendors

During every festival, some of the special rewards for festival tokens are different housing items. The following vendors appear at different times of year, and are not guaranteed to have the exact same list of items every year. (Many event quests also give housing rewards, please see the page for the appropriate festival for more information.)