Update 30.3 - Wednesday October 13, 2021

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Update 30.3 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 30.3, released on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021.

Of Special Note:

The Brawler has arrived!

Players can now create Brawler characters and play them! The Brawler is a melee class inspired by the tale of Helm Hammerhand, who fought bare-handed at one of the greatest sieges of Helm’s Deep and was known for his ferocity in battle. Brawlers forgo weapons in favor of Battle-gauntlets and heavy armor, hurling themselves into battle to the benefit of friend and devastation of foe. The main focus for Brawlers is damage, off-tanking, and support. Any race in Middle-earth can be a Brawler, except for Beornings, which are their own race and class combination.

The Brawler is available to play NOW with your pre-purchase of Fate of Gundabad! Read more about Fate of Gundabad on LOTRO.com. You can read more about the Brawler on LOTRO.com as well.

New Legendary Items have arrived!

A new system for Legendary Items has arrived! This new system makes it easier to upgrade your weapons and understand how they progress, and also prepares Legendary Items for further growth with the level cap increase in Fate of Gundabad and beyond. Read more about these changes on LOTRO.com.

News and Notes:


  • Champion
    • The cooldown of Fear Nothing has been reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Have received a broad damage increase (~30%) to adjust for changes in crit magnitiude bonuses due to the Legendary Item revamp
    • Dire Heal is now a 30-50% heal for 30% of power.
    • Essence of the Resolute proc essence now has a 45s cooldown.
    • Bracing Attack is now a 25% self heal
  • ​Hunter
    • ​Archer's Mark now inflicts a stacking (0.5% - 2.5%) incoming damage debuff on the target rather than a critdef rating debuff. This debuff is shared, so there can only be one on the target.
  • Runekeeper
    • The damage over time damage of Epic Conclusion has been fixed.
  • Loremaster
    • Insult to Injury is now fire damage and is affected by fire damage buffs.
    • The area of effect damage of Ring of Fire has been fixed.
    • Ents Go To War damage has been increased considerably.
    • The base armor debuff value of Ancient Craft has been increased.
    • Sigil of Command's Parry Rating modifier has been changed to a Parry chance.
  • ​Warden
    • ​Quick Sweep trait chance increased (10/20/30 -> 50/75/100), but its damage is substantially reduced


  • Weapons and class items can no longer be swapped while in combat
  • Disarm has been largely disabled on most landscape mobs


  • Based on User Feedback and Discussion, we have consolidated many of the interior hook types for housing into a smaller subset of hook types. This will allow players greater flexibility in decorating their homes the way they want to, without being as limited by the sizes of hooks in their homes.
    • Thin, Small, Large and Special Furniture Hooks are now "Furniture Hooks".
    • Small and Large Wall Hooks are now "Wall Hooks".
    • Small and Large Floor Hooks are now "Floor Hooks".
    • All Wall Hooks now rotate based on heading (previously Small Wall Hooks Rotated on Bank). Decorations placed in former small wall hooks may need their placement and rotation adjusted as part of this change.
    • All housing items have had their existing hook categories updated to support the consolidated types.
    • Upon login, decorations should, by and large, be where you last placed them.


  • When players level past the effective level of an item set, the set bonuses will deactivate, but players will be able to continue wearing the gear itself.
  • Existing Essence Reclamation Scrolls in inventory and storage have been converted to Retired Essence Reclamation Scrolls. These are no longer usable, but can be disenchanted using a Flame of Ancalamír to receive an 'Essence or Tracery Reclamation Scroll selection box', allowing the choice of an Essence or a Tracery Reclamation Scroll. NOTE: You can only disenchant a single Retired Essence Reclamation Scroll at a time, as the action will not work on a stack.
  • Valar level boost package contents have been adjusted to account for the Legendary Item Revamp.

Legendary Worlds

  • The warning text for Berthadan's difficulty quests on legendary worlds Shadowfax and Treebeard should now more clearly reflect the fact that:
    • Completing the normal difficulty quest at any time, will prevent a character from doing any of the difficulty deeds.
    • Completing the T1 difficulty quest at any time, will bar future completion of the higher difficulty deeds (Difficult and Deadly).
    • Completing the T2 difficulty quest at any time, will bar future completion of the higher difficulty deed (Deadly).


  • Monster Play characters have received a slight boost in the strength of some corruptions and skill buffs and debuffs as new Legendary Items have become available for Free Players.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Azanulbizar
    • Cave Warg Champion respawn time has been reduced.
    • Warg Champions will now spawn correctly, and trophy spots will sparkle when appropriate.
    • The map should now show the proper location for the quest Fetid Arrows.
    • An incomplete sentence has been fixed in the quest "Recovering from the Fallen."
    • Instructions for beginning "Ruins of the Ancestors" has been clarified and corrected.
    • The Elderslade quest "Corrupted Crystals" will now correctly tell you to talk to Mother Amma and not Gunvald until it's Gunvald's actual turn.
    • Various floating deco and land seam bugs have been corrected in the Morgul Vale and elsewhere.
    • The text when turning in the quest "A Venomous Strike" in the German client is now in German.
    • Skirmish camp Legendary Item barter vendors have been disabled. The new Legendary Item barter vendors can be found in Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries in Rivendell.


  • Corrected a spacing issue in the main game starting button for the French game client.

Known Issues:

  • Out of Combat, Brawler Mettle should slowly reset to a base value of 3. This currently is not functioning properly, as Mettle is decaying to zero at this time.
  • Numerous quests and barter vendors don't have Brawler appropriate gear yet.
  • New Legendary Items have scaling issues in the Ettenmoors.
  • Some tracery titles and descriptions don't fit cleanly in the Legendary Item UI.
  • Location of Unslot button in Legendary Item UI can cause confusion. Please note that this button currently unslots the tracery listed above it, NOT below.
  • Some Legendary Item tooltips can be too long to be viewed fully on lower resolutions.
  • Some of the old Legendary Item upgrade loot still drops in some places, can be found on some vendors, and can be rewarded via quests.
  • Some instances and raids aren't dropping new Legendary Item loot yet.
  • Rank 2 of the Minstrel Triumphant Spirit Cooldown trait is not properly reducing the cooldown of the skill.