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Kinships (or Tribes) are groups of players that come together for a common, longterm purpose. (In other online roleplaying games, such organizations are often called Guilds or Clans). The purpose could be purely social, to pool resources, to take care of new players, to share a common philosophy, or many other reasons.

Creating a Kinship

To create a kinship, you must purchase a charter from a Clerk of Kinships. These NPCs are found in larger settlements throughout Middle-earth. The person who created the kinship is its first leader, but the leader can be changed later. You cannot create a kinship if you are already a member of another kinship.


  • You must be level 5 or higher.
  • A kinship charter costs 5 Silver 12 Copper 

Monster Players can create Tribes (the equivalent of kinships). See the Tribe Scrivener in Gramsfoot to buy your Charter.

Kinship Titles

Rank Dwarf Elf Hobbit Man Mixed
Founder Father / Matron Einior / Rîn Founder Founder Founder
Leader Lord / Lady Tûr / Hiril Chief Master / Mistress Leader
Officer Seneschal Caun / Aranel Voluntary Assistant Chief Provost Officer
Kinsman / Kinswoman Kinsman / Kinswoman
Recruit No title

Kinship Ranks

A kinship increases in rank over time, giving it access to more kinship features and increasing its maximum membership.

Rank Elapsed Time Max Members Benefits
1 On creation 1000 Kinship Chat
2 24 hours 1000 Message of the Day
3 3 days 1000 Kinship Titles
4 10 days 1000 Officer Chat
5 30 days 1000 Kinship Mail
6 2 months 1000 Kinship Auctions - Messages to Kinship reduced to 10 copper
7 3 months 1200 Kinship House - Mailing items to Kinship members becomes 50% cheaper
8 6 months 1300 n/a
9 9 months 1400 n/a
10 1 year 1500 n/a

Kinship Decay

Just as a kinship can grow over time, so too can it wither. Should the leaders of a kinship leave the game or otherwise go inactive, the option to usurp their position will be made available.

  • The leader of a kinship can at any time assign one officer of the kinship as his successor. To do so, the leader must use the option in the kinship panel.
  • If the leader does not log in for more than 35 days or cancels their account, the successor receives a mail indicating the availability of the Usurp option. Then the successor can click the Usurp button in the Kinship Panel to become leader.
  • If the successor does not usurp leadership within 10 days (45 days of the leader being absent), all officers of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any officer can usurp leadership.
  • If no officer usurps leadership within 20 days (55 days of the leader being absent), the option to usurp is available to all members of the kinship, but no mail is sent.
  • If a kinship goes 65 days without a new leader, the kinship will automatically disband. [confirmation needed]
  • SSG, will not resolve issues regarding the transfer of ownership for a kinship or the automatic disbanding of a leaderless kinship. It is the responsibility of the kinship members to ensure that a successor has been chosen.

UI Reference

The kinship tab on the social panel looks like this:

The leftmost column shows a icon if they are in a fellowship, otherwise it is blank. A crown indicates they are the leader of the fellowship. Blue means the fellowship is not full. Red means the fellowship is full.

The rank column shows a crown for the leader, a circlet for the successor, a red banner for officers, a blue banner for kinpersons, and nothing for recruits.

The leader and officers also have access to the "Set MotD", "Add", "Remove", "Promote", and "Demote" buttons.

Kinship Keyboard Commands

usage: /kinship < disband | recruit | accept | decline | quit | expel | promote | demote | motd | successor | resign >

  • (disband) - Disband your kinship.
  • (recruit <name>) - Recruit the target into your kinship.
  • (accept) - Accept your current kinship recruitment request.
  • (decline) - Decline your current kinship recruitment request.
  • (quit) - Voluntarily leave your kinship.
  • (expel <name>) - Expel the kinship member from your kinship.
  • (promote <name>) - Promote the kinship member to the next higher rank.
  • (demote <name>) - Demote the kinship member to the next lower rank.
  • (motd <motd>) - Set the message of the day for your kinship.
  • (successor <name>) - Make the kinship member the member who will succeed you as leader when you resign.
  • (resign) - Step down as leader. (This will automatically promote your successor to leader.)

Creating a Page for your Kinship on the Wiki

Note: In the event your kinship disbands or has disbanded please edit your kinship page and add the {{Kinship Disbanded}} template to the top of your kinship page.

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  • It appears the system no longer sends mail informing members of the option to usurp the leader, I cannot find any official confirmation of this though.

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