Doom of Caras Gelebren

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Doom of Caras Gelebren
Level: 20+
Cluster: Skirmish
Region: Swanfleet


Doom of Caras Gelebren is a level 20-150 skirmish set in the Second Age at Caras Gelebren, in Swanfleet. Skirmishes can be started by using the Instance Finder. Requires Before the Shadow.

Determined to possess the Great Rings of Power, Sauron made war upon the Elves and led his vast armies to Eregion to lay waste to Caras Gelebren.


Minimum level: 20

Group, Level and Tier

There are three Tiers of difficulty for this skirmish.
You can start this skirmish for the following groups:

  • Solo (1) or Duo (2) - (3 locks per week)
  • Small Fellowship (3) or Fellowship (6) - (3 locks per week)
  • Raid (12) - (3 locks per week)


Deeds and Titles


Mírdan Warrior


For all recorded variants of mobs found within the instance, see Category:Doom of Caras Gelebren Mobs.


Any 2 of these Encounters per skirmish:

Instance Overview

Doom of Caras Gelebren is a defensive skirmish with four stages to defend. As you are forced to pull back deeper into the city, a blanket of +5 Dread will close around the House of the Mírdain. Be wary of straying too far from the NPC Mírdain at each point.

The first assault is against a watchtower on a lower level of the city. Enemies can come from either downhill to the north or south.

The second assault comes against the gate uphill from the watchtower. Follow Faeldor to this point.

For the third assault, withdraw to just inside the gate. Attacks can come either against the northern gate (where the second assault was) or the southern, a short distance through the gardens. Watch for messages announcing which gate the enemy is marching against in solo, or split your party as evenly as you can between the two in larger groups.

For the fourth assault, withdraw to the House of the Mírdain, where Celebrimbor stands. Enemies will come from all directions (except from the House itself). The fifth assault comes against the House of the Mírdain as well, as will the final battle with a champion of the Enemy.


Phase Arrows
Third and
Final and

Boss and End Fight

Simple boss fight against one of three possible bosses:

Name Species
Krovrobosh Gorthorog
Mátshakha Unique
Núlgoth Rogmul
Level stat details are on the boss page


There are two chests to loot outside the doors to House of the Mírdain: Spoils of Battle and Gift of the Mírdain. Spoils of Battle has 20 completions per week . Gift of the Mírdain has variants depending on tier/size of the skirmish. 'Lesser Gift of the Mírdain' appears on solo/duo and has 7 completions per week. 'Gift of the Mírdain' appears on the 3-man. 'Greater Gift of the Mírdain' appears for 6-man runs. 'Grand Gift of the Mírdain' appears for 12-man runs. Tier 1 has 7 completions, tier 2 has 6, and tier 3 has 3. Cloaks and Class Essences drop from specific chests only.


Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List