The Icy Crevasse

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The Icy Crevasse
Level: 20+
Cluster: Skirmish
Region: Forochel


The Icy Crevasse is a skirmish located within Jä-kuru, in Forochel.

"A powerful sorcerer from Angmar seeks to drive the frozen winds of Forochel south into Evendim, freezing the lake and allowing a great army to march on Tinnudir...."


This Skirmish is for level 40 - 150.

Group, Level and Tier

There are three Tiers of difficulty for this Skirmish

This skirmish can be started for the following groups:

  • Solo (1) or Duo (2)
  • Small Fellowship (3) or Fellowship (6)
  • Raid (12)



  • The Icy Crevasse deed rewards the Title: Icy Crevasser
  • There are a number of Skirmish Lieutenants Deeds
  • Because only one or two of these mobs appear per skirmish, several sessions are required to complete the deed
  • Defeated mobs must be close to the character's level, otherwise they will not count towards the deed


For all possible skirmish lieutenants, see the page Skirmish Lieutenants.
The following mobs are encountered within this skirmish:


Encounter mobs appear randomly:


Name Species
Guinokh Hill-man
Malgen Mammoth

Instance Overview

Fight through the canyons. Each canyon is barricaded with a massive wall of ice crystals that will melt when capturing each flag. In each canyon there are steam vents that will give a bonus effect, +50% Outgoing Healing and +50% Incoming Healing, fight on top of them to use them to the your advantage. Once defeating the end boss, use the sled to exit the instance.

Boss & End Fight

This is a dual boss fight but most of it Guinokh and Malgen will fight once at a time.

In the boss room, there will be vents that give +50% Outgoing Healing and +50% Incoming Healing. These vents bestow this effect and replaces the Winds of Forochel effect. If working on one mob, it is beneficial to have the mob on the vent so that it will not have the +50% Damage buff while retaining the damage buff. This is a bit harder to do when packs of mobs spawn in groups for Small Fellowship and above.


Don't forget to loot both boss corpses, if they remain. The Fancy Wooden Chest will show up after you get the flag. Completing the skirmish will increase the character's standing with the Lossoth of Forochel faction.

Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List