Protectors of Thangúlhad

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Protectors of Thangúlhad
Level: 60+
Cluster: Skirmish
Region: Mirkwood


Protectors of Thangúlhad, is a level 60-150 skirmish, it occurs within the fortress of Thangúlhad in Gathbúrz in Mirkwood. Skirmishes, can be started by using the Instance Finder, (as long as you're not in an instance already).

Thangúlhad is being assaulted by the forces of Dol Guldur just up the hill. They wish to reclaim it and eliminate the foothold the Golden Host has secured.


This Skirmish has a minimum level of 60 and requires the completion of the quest Vol. II, Book 9, Chapter 14: Thangúlhad Endangered.

Group, Level and Tier

There are three Tiers of difficulty for this Skirmish

You can start this skirmish for the following groups:

  • Solo (1) or Duo (2)
  • Small Fellowship (3) or Fellowship (6)
  • Raid (12)




For all possible skirmish lieutenants, see the page Skirmish Lieutenants.


Random Encounter mobs:

  • will only meet some of these mobs during the instance, not all.
  • By level stat details are on the creatures page

Instance Overview

Talk to Rodelleth the commanding officer at Thangúlhad. She is waiting for you to report. Mobs will charge in waves thru the two Eastern gates of Thangúlhad. Rodelleth will fight with you and warn you which gate they are heading for, giving you time to man a catapult that covers that avenue of approach. You can launch a missile at the mobs before they reach the gate to make the battles a bit easier.

Boss and End Fight

The boss fight against the gorthorog Mazaukal is a lot of fun. Head on thru the gate and meet him out on the North-South road. Rodelleth will help you out by launching catapult barrages at locations marked on the ground with squares. If you time it right, you can make short work of Mazaukal with a few missile strikes from Rodelleth. Remember to loot the corpse before leaving.

Name Species
Mazaukal Gorthorog
  • By level stat details are on the boss page


Competing the skirmish will reward Malledhrim Reputation. Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List