Skirmish Lieutenants

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A Skirmish Lieutenant is a special monster, which spawns randomly inside a Skirmish Instance. It is stronger than the monsters appearing in the instance; for example in solo skirmishes most monsters are normal or swarm but lieutenants are Signature.

Each Lieutenant has some kind of special ability which will impact the battlefield, and at least one weakness. The key to defeating a Lieutenant is to know what the ability is and how to counter it. It becomes even more deadly when more than one Lieutenant is present at a given time (there is a possibility of very nasty lieutenant combos).

About half of the Lieutenants have a chance to spawn in any skirmish, regardless of group size, but all the others spawn only in 3-man or bigger, 6-man or bigger, and finally in 12-man only skirmishes. The Lieutenants spawn in various points inside a skirmish, depending on the skirmish type: in defence skirmishes, a Lieutenant has a chance to spawn with every incoming wave; in offensive skirmishes Lieutenants may be guarding a control point and may spawn during a counter-attack.

The list below shows the lieutenants that may spawn in a skirmish, with the information about their special skills, special abilities, their weaknesses, and notes about an effective tactic to defeat them.


Lieutenant Appearance Group Size Special Comments
Bearer of Blight Armored Uruk-Hai 1+ Can debuff the player with Disease (+50% all incoming damage and -50% incoming heals), Poison (DoT), Wound (disables weapons), and Fear (-50% all damage inflicted and -50% outgoing healing) It is best to prepare with potions to deal with these effects. The taunt he says will warn you of the debuff he will use.
Blood-rook Red craban 1+ Every nearby mob boosts its melee damage and incoming damage. Separate it from any nearby mobs.
Brood Queen Giant Spider 2+ Impregnates a player with an egg, which deals acid damage initially and later spawns a Spiderling on the player's position. Soldiers can be impregnated as well, so remove the debuff before it can spawn the spiderling.
Brother of Destruction Earth-kin 2+ Summons clones of itself (one on duo and small fellowship, two on full fellowship, and 3 on raid). Focus DPS on one brother and keep the other(s) away; when one dies, all other Brothers of Destruction will die as well.
Chaos-fiend Pale Orc Defiler 6+ Multiple debuffs and skills, listed below.
  • Mortal Terror- Fear debuff. Does high Shadow damage over time every 4 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Deadly Immolation- Wound debuff. Does high Fire damage over time every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Lightning Surge- Wound debuff. Does high Lightning damage over time every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Major Power Drain- Fear debuff. Deals high Shadow damage to your Power every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Petrifying Shadow and Encasing Ice- Two 3-second long Roots.
  • Exertion- Increased Power cost for all skills. +21% Power Cost. 15s Duration.
  • Mortal Wound- Wound debuff. High common damage every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
The Chaos-Fiend always roars before it uses a skill; use this to your advantage and make him your first priority, as he is possibly the most dangerous of the Lieutenants.
Courage-breaker Red Fell-Spirit 6+ Uses a debuff that halves maximum morale when it expires. Always paired with a Will-Breaker.
Crazed Hate-monger Uruk 6+ Places buffs that increase incoming threat from all sources as well as movement speed. At about 15% of his morale, he will attack players at random.
Daunting Spirit-sapper Deep-toad 6+ Has an aura that greatly slows movement and attack speed while also making inductions take longer. Attack from range and keep in mind that his aura has a surprisingly large area of effect.
Daywalker Berserker Gothorog 1+ Cannot be harmed for the first few seconds (on aggro casts a 20 sec invul. buff) Best to root, stun or fear him until the unharmable effect wears off.
Death-monger Orc Defiler 1+ Can resurrect fallen enemies as fell-spirits. Can summon a Vengeful Spirit. Kill or interrupt him before killing mobs or he will resurrect them. He cannot revive enemies which belong to the Dead already.
Defender of the Vile Fat Orc 1+ Defence Aura (-50% All incoming damage to nearby enemies) Kill him first to make others using his aura easier to kill, but watch out for his disarm skill. In Small Fellowships and Fellowships, the defense boost will be increased to -60% and -70%, respectively.
Dourhand Keg-master Dourhand Dwarf 1+ Periodically drinks ale to increase damage dealt, damage taken, and miss chance. He sometimes throws ale at you, giving you the same effect. Starting at Duo level, he can also place kegs on the ground, which explode after a few seconds. He can place up to two kegs at Fellowship level, but the range of the explosions is fairly short so they won't be much of a problem.
Dourhand Storm-keeper Dourhand Dwarf 1+ Essentially a Dwarven Rune-Keeper who specializes in lightning attacks. At Small Fellowship and above, he can place a Sigil of Destruction that deals Fire damage to all players close to it. Depending on the Fellowship's size, up to three Sigils of Destruction can be placed at once, and in Fellowship and above he gains a Lightning DoT skill.
Dreadwing Marauder Morroval 6+ Uses a stackable debuff that deals Shadow DoT and increases melee damage taken by 25%. The power of the debuff may be dependent on the skirmish's size.
Echo of Death Large Fell-Spirit 1+ Every time it is hit, there is a chance that the player hitting it will be debuffed with +100% incoming damage debuff for 25s. It is best to avoid hitting this monster until all his adds are dead. Stunning or mezzing will do nicely. Soldiers will not attack it unless ordered to do so.
Emissary of War Male Angmarim 6+ Takes no damage unless fought within the area of his Shadowy Vulnerability debuff ( +10% Incoming Melee, Ranged, and Tactical Damage). Lieutenants, normal enemies, players, and the Emissary himself will all be affected by the Shadowy Vulnerability effect, which affects an area on the ground covered by a yellow circle.
Enraged Snapper Large Turtle 6+ Stacks a +25% attack damage/5% run speed buff on itself that can only be dispelled by a Fellowship Maneuver. Just trigger a successful FM.
Enraged Stone-crusher Giant 2+ Can use a buff that grants +100% Melee Damage. -25% Attack Duration. +25% Run Speed, and immunity to Dazes, Stuns, Roots, and Fear. 15s Duration. Also able to perform an AoE knockback. The buff can be interrupted during its induction.
Fell-bane Archer Wight Archer 6+ The damage from its Shadow Pulse attack is distributed across every target it hits. Grouping together around Fell-bane Archer when it is using its Shadow Pulse attack will cause the damage done to each player and soldier to decrease. Alternatively, running away so that there are no players or soldiers within the range of the attack will cause the attack to dissipate. A shadowy mist gathering towards Fell-bane Archer denotes the range of the attack, as well as giving an indicator of when it will perform the attack.
Flesh Gorger Lizard 2+ Gains a large buff if it kills a player or soldier. Don't let it kill you or your soldier. It will go after Soldiers first.
Forest-born Reaver Wood Troll 1+ It will target a soldier very often. Also has +30% damage / -30% attack speed buff against soldiers. Best to burn him down or stun ASAP.
Frigid Squall Icy Grim 2+ Has an ice aura that reduces Frost Mitigation and inflicts frost damage. Also possesses a powerful AoE Frost attack. It switches between targets at random.
Hawk-eyed Harrier Female Hillman archer 2+ Has a permanent buff to attack and run speed and cannot be slowed. Stuns, Roots, and the like will help to keep her from running away. She targets players at random without regard for their Threat levels.
Hulking Pounder Troll 2+ Tries to perform an induction that is a one-hit kill on your Soldier; if it succeeds, every player in the fellowship will lose the ability to summon or control their Soldiers for a minute. The Hulking Pounder performs a vocal taunt before it starts the induction.
Leadfoot Brute Gorthorog 6+ Has a permanent buff/debuff that halves his run speed, but increases his attack speed and gives him a +500% melee damage bonus. No, that damage bonus is not a typo- the Leadfoot Brute moves incredibly slowly, but hits quickly and with enough force to down a Guardian with only a few strikes. Kiting is your friend.
Leech-warden Green-tinted Gauradan 2+ Places a token that can drain your health while replenishing his own. The token's aura is only effective at very close ranges.
Pale Trapper Pale-Folk 1+ Drops a fire AOE attack that lasts on the ground Best to aggro him at range so he drops fire AOE away from you
Priest of Vengeance Male Angmarim Priest 2+ Gives 1 add a buff that will reflect twice the amount of damage done to it. The buff lasts 20 seconds. Kill the priest, and the add's buff will disappear. Be careful when using AoE attacks around the buffed enemy.
Priestess of Flame Female Angmarim Priestess 2+ Sets fire to a fairly large area of floor, which will burn for a while. She can set up multiple flame traps at a time. They inflict very high Fire DoT, so watch your step.
Primordial Wrath Shadow Grim 6+ Starts with no power, but can drain Power from nearby players if they get too close. When killed, players will get back any Power that the Primordial Wrath stole from them.
Rage of Morgoth Green Fell-Spirit 6+ Every point of damage done to its Morale reduces its Power by 0.3 points instead. Can also use a powerful AoE Shadow attack. Its Power effectively acts as a second Morale bar, which makes a Loremaster's Power draining skills the perfect counter for it. The AoE attack is immediately preceded by purple smoke emanating from it.
Raging Marauder Uruk 2+ He uses a buff that greatly boosts Melee damage, attack speed, run speed, and reduces all incoming damage by half. The buff lasts 15 seconds. After it wears off, he usually waits for a few seconds to reactivate it.
Shepherd of Filth Goblin 1+ Can summon Filth Crawlers to slow your attack speed, inductions and movement speed; stacks up to Tier 6. This summoning cannot be interrupted except by stuns and mezzes. Try to take out the crawlers at range if possible or use AoE attacks to kill them all in one blow. If you are hit with too many crawlers, it becomes quite annoying.
Silent Slayer Warg 6+ Goes into stealth, sneaks away, and then performs a surprise attack for heavy damage. Afterwards, it will try to flee and go into stealth again. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and try to anticipate where it will strike next. Try to apply a DoT on the slayer before it goes into stealth, as this will break it out.
Spawn of Angband Drake 6+ Has an aura that inflicts a debuff to Fire Defense. Apart from the aura, it's pretty much the same as any other Drake with all the skills that would be expected of one.
Tempest of Flame Fiery Grim 2+ Aura deals heavy Fire DoT and debuffs attack speed, run speed, and induction time, the area of this aoe will grow over time. The Tempest must activate its aura using an induction that can be interrupted. When the aura is present, a red haze designates the range of the aura.
Thunderstone Smasher Light Armor Troll 6+ Deals heavy DoT to all players standing too close to it. It will try to throw a stone at a player, which will stun if it hits. If it does hit, the Thunderstone Smasher will run up to the stunned player and hit him with a highly damaging melee attack.
Troll Wound-taker Light Armor Troll 1+ Can heal enemies at the expense of its own health. When it drums on the ground, it's preparing to heal its allies.
Venomous Blood-arrow Boggart 1+ Fires off Poison (high damage on expiration), Wound (morale and power loss on expiration), Fear (stun on expiration), and Disease (power loss on expiration) arrows. Prepare with potions or break his line of sight. The vocal taunt he makes is a clue to which type of arrow he will use.
Will-breaker Blue Fell-spirit 6+ Uses a debuff that halves maximum Power upon expiration. Always paired with a Courage-Breaker.
Wretched Falconer Southern Brigand 2+. Immune to any damage. Will summon Crebain which take away most of his health. Let him spawn the crebain to get his health down. After a certain point, he will lose the ability to summon crebain and can be attacked normally.
Zealot of Pain Male Brigand 1+ Can apply a stackable buff on enemies, increasing the damage they do. He will only apply the buff when taking damage. Kill him last to ensure no enemies get buffed by him. Soldiers will not attack the Zealot unless specifically ordered to do so.


Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List