Ost Elendil

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Ost Elendil
Level: 40 - 140
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: Evendim
Area: Tyl Annûn
Location: [15.9S, 69.4W]
Ost Elendil.jpg

Ost Elendil is a 6-man World Instance in Evendim. [15.9S, 69.4W]

"The Black Numenoreans in league with Amarthiel have come to Ost Elendil, seeking to establish a foothold in Annúminas, while the Rangers of the North assail the city of their fathers in a desperate attempt to drive them forth."


Ost Elendil

Ost Elendil was the seat of power in the former Kingdom of Arnor. It contains the throne room from whence the kings of old would rule their once-grand empire.

The entrance is located on the fortified island of Tyl Annûn overlooking Annúminas from the north.

In order to access the instance, the Free Peoples must control the camps of Gwaelband and Tirband. Controlling these points will open the gates that lead over Ariant, the great bridge connecting to Tyl Annûn. From Tirband, proceed north-west until reaching the bridge, then head on over it. The instance entrance to Ost Elendil is straight ahead, on the left upon coming up several flights of stairs.




Terrain Map of Annúminas
A view into Ost Elendil's Throne Room
A Counterweight (a window-opener)

The following creatures are found within this area:


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
52 Cargûl.png Guloth Nemesis Unseen 1 - 4 45,800
52 Necromancer.png Balhest Nemesis Man 47,700


Instance Overview

Ost Elendil is a short but very difficult instance, and can be completed within an hour unless there are any fellowship wipes.

From the entrance hall, proceed to clear one or two pulls of Angmarim until reaching the main hall just beyond. At the end of the hall, Guloth awaits along with six Elder Morelendil Guard adds. The guards will not attack players who walk by, but walking up the stairs towards Guloth activates the first boss encounter.

Before engaging Guloth, the south-west chamber must be cleared.

All six chambers adjacent to the main hall contain Tormented Spirit mobs.

Notice a Counterweight hanging from the ceiling at the back of each room. Activating one will open the window behind it, and a brilliant light shines through the south-facing ones. This light is known as The Light That Burns, because it instantly defeats any Morelendil Guard and Elder Morelendil Guard that move into it, transforming them into Tormented Spirit mobs. These spirits have a Shadow Shroud buff, making them very difficult to defeat. However, this can be counteracted by drawing them into Exposing Light, located in the centre of the main hall in front of the stairs leading up to Guloth. Notice, you must regularly re-open the window to refresh The Light That Burns when it runs out.

After Guloth and his guards are defeated, head up the stairs and down the passage into the throne room. Also the throne room have windows which can be opened to let in The Light That Burns. The Exposing Light is located on the opposite side of the room, it shines through stained glass windows in two different locations onto the ground. Sitting on the throne at the far end of the room is Balhest, the second and final boss. The fight is considerably difficult, requiring a lot of coordination amongst the members of the fellowship.

Once Balhest is defeated, the day is won and our heroes can finally get some rest. Don't forget to take a nice screenshot in front of the throne!


In order to complete the challenge, the typical scenario is to open the second to last window as you walk down the left hand side toward the throne. Waves of mobs will come, and once defeated, the 3 Priestesses are drawn to the window by the tank. The Priestesses must not be defeated before Balhest, he must be defeated first. However, Balhest may not be attacked until they are all at 80k or lower morale. You must control your dps, and the tank must bring Balhest to the window. Once Balhest is down, the challenge is complete and all the Priestesses may be defeated as well.


Level 105

All Classes
Star-lit Crystal-icon.pngUniversal Solvent-icon.pngFused Profound Relics-icon.pngFused Deep Relics-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.png

Class-specific incomparable equipment drops

For older (outdated) drops, see Guloth and Balhest respectively.


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At one time there was no greater place of splendor in the North than Ost Elendil, the palace of Elendil of Westernesse in his great city of Annúminas. But those days are long past. The great, white walls of its towers have grown stained and ruined, crumbling into decay with the rest of the city. Time and the creeping wilderness claimed Annúminas and Ost Elendil long ago.
Then came the tomb-robbers, seeking what treasures they might plunder, but even they are not the greatest insult to the kings of old. The Shadow of Angmar stretches forth to seize Annúminas, and the ancient seat of Arnor's kings is too great a prize for them to resist. — lorebook