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The entrance to Forodwaith from Forochel - what lies beyond the gate?

Forodwaith is a land north of Eriador and Rhovanion. In Lotro a road runs through the Ironspan in northern Forochel and is said to connect to Forodwaith. [17.0N, 59.3W]

Forodwaith is Sindarin for Northern Waste or Northern People. The name is used to refer both to the icy land north of the Iron Mountains of the First Age and the people who lived there, the precursors of the Lossoth of Forochel. Little was known of it, except that it was extremely cold due to the proximity to the Gap of Ilmen, and Morgoth's evil cold.

After the War of Wrath and the breaking of the World, the Iron Mountains were mostly destroyed, and the area of Forodwaith that lay north of Eriador became known as Forochel, together with the great ice-bay and cape that carried the same name.

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