Patch Notes - April 24th, 2008

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LOTRO Book 13: Doom of the Last-king Release Notes

Book 13: Doom of the Last-king!

Welcome to the latest free update for The Lord of the Rings Online! Below are the update notes for Book 13: Doom of the Last-king.


Epic Story Continues

  • 11 Quest arc for Book 13
  • Elrond and Aragorn featured in Book 13 Epic Quests

New Region: Forochel!

  • Over 100 new quests
  • Enhanced solo play
  • Extends the epic story
  • Vast, desolate landscape
  • New reputation faction: the Lossoth
    • The Lossoth of Forochel are by their nature distrustful of outsiders, but once you earn their trust, they will reward you greatly. Fortunately, there will be many opportunities to earn their trust, as the vast majority of quests in Forochel reward you with Lossoth reputation. As for the rewards you will receive from gaining their trust, there are such things as:
      • Unique Lossoth Light, Medium and Heavy armor sets. These sets give bonuses to Frost mitigation, along with other buffs.
      • Fur-lined Cloaks to ward off the cold.
      • Native cooking recipes that can help you weather the elements.
      • Class items that can be obtained nowhere else. Tundra bear cub for your Loremaster? A Lossoth Herald for your Captain? Oh yeah! Lossoth-themed decoration items for your home.
      • A Tundra horse or pony.

This isn't the complete list, but the Lossoth of Forochel have the most rewards of any reputation faction to date!

New monster play class: the Orc Defiler!

  • First Monster Play “Healing” Class
  • Additional Orc avatar with multiple appearances and a full host of skills
  • For more information about the Defiler, see this Developer Diary!

Looking for Fellowship Enhancement

  • Updated Quest Journal to display more context
    • Quest Arcs (quests in a linear progression)
    • Fellowship members on your quest/arc, and their relative status
  • Share Quest button
    • A shared quest can share the first quest in an arc to players who have not started it
    • A shared quest can also share the next step in an arc if the receiving player partially completed and then abandoned it.
  • Find a Fellowship button
    • Mark a quest as one that the player wants a fellowship to help complete
    • Show a filtered list of players who also want a fellowship for that quest
  • Mustering Horns
    • Horns at remote dungeons and encounter areas, to facilitate groups gathering
    • A player can summon other members of their fellowship
  • For more information about the changes, please see this Developer Diary on!

Introducing Hobbies!

  • Fishing is the first hobby being introduced in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. From the Midgewater Marshes to the Shores of Evendim, players will find fishing to be a relaxing, entertaining – and beneficial – pastime. See your local outfitter to get started! For more information about fishing, see this Developer Diary on!

Of Special Note:

  • When housing upkeep is overdue, instead of foreclosing on your personal or kinship house, we "lock" the house. While your house is locked, you are denied the benefits of home ownership, including entry, access to storage, decorations, travel skill, and vendor discounts. However, your house and all the items it contains will be held for you indefinitely. You can unlock your house at any time by paying a restoral fee via the housing maintenance UI.
  • Adding “Frost” damage and mitigation as part of Forochel
  • Minimum level requirements have been added to certain milestones in the world. To make this more apparent, milestones can now be examined.
  • Animated housing decorations are now supported!
  • Outfit visibility slots can now be specified per outfit. On inspecting other players, only their currently visible items will be seen.
  • An update has taken place making craft recipe drops equalized among vocations. Prior to this change, there was a greater chance of getting tailoring recipes in loot due to the sheer number of recipes for tailors. This update gives an equal chance among all vocations regardless of how many recipes are in the group or how many new recipes are added in the future.
  • More active gameplay feeling in combat.
  • Smoothed and fix some existing animations.

Annúminas Changes

  • There are now chat broadcasts to all of Evendim when one of the 3 "control" points of Gwaelband, Clorhir or Tirband changes state.
  • There are now 3 banners in the camp of Echad Garthadir and Tinnudir that display the state of the 3 "control" points. These banners also explain what points need to be controlled to gain access to the instances of Glinghant, Haudh Valandil or Ost Elendil.
  • We've added a milestone to Echad Garthadir in Annúminas.
  • We've fixed an issue where the Darkwaters called in by Nengon in Glinghant were not detecting players. In addition, we've stat reduced those Darkwaters from elite to signature status.
  • We have made several Annúminas side quests repeatable every day. As part of this change, we removed the quests XP rewards, but slightly increased their money rewards. There reputation, armor piece and consumable rewards have also been modified, with the boss kill quests giving out more rewards, while the others have had their rewards decreased slightly. The affected quests are:

Landscape Quests

  • Drowning at the Docks End
  • Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband
  • Fighting in the Streets
  • Time of Need

Ost Elendil - The Palace of Annúminas

  • Balhest, Lord of Ost Elendil
  • The Door-warden of the Inner Chamber
  • Evil in Ost Elendil

Haudh Valandil - The Tombs of Annúminas

  • Dolvaethor's Menace
  • New Home for the Relics of Old
  • The Kergrim Stalk Haudh Valandil

Glinghant - The Gardens of Annúminas

  • Glinghant Corrupted
  • Impure Waters
  • Keep It from the Enemy
  • We have modified how the three control camps in Annúminas work. These camps are Gwaelband, Clorhir and Tirband. Instead of these camps flipping back to Invader control when all of the Warden guards are killed, they will remain in Warden control if the guards are killed until the original Invader boss returns to try and reclaim the camp. If all the guards are killed during this invasion, the camp will then flip back to Invader control. This change will mean that the 3 control camps will remain in Warden control for a much longer time.
  • Control of Gwaelband in Annúminas will now clear the bridge of Ariant - the bridge that leads to the Palace and Tombs instances - of Invader spawns. This should make getting to those instances easier.
  • When the 3 control camps in Annúminas are in Warden control, the bosses of those camps will spawn on landscape nearby. This will be especially helpful if you are trying to complete the "Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband" quest.
  • The token rewards from the boss quests has increased, while the consumable and token rewards from the other quests has gone down slightly. Completing all the quests will give less rewards then before, but now that they are repeatable, the token acquisition rate will be much higher.
  • There is now a new Annúminas token vendor. Glanlin has set up shop and has potions, food and recipe scroll cases for sale.

And In Other News, A Change to Monster Trophies:

  • Book 13 introduces a change to monster trophies in an effort to make them generic enough to extend their functionality across multiple species-types. The change will mean that all of the old trophies you have grown to love (or hate) will soon become extinct. The trophies already existing in your pack, storage unit, and auction house will be the last remnants of the old items. Let’s all shed a small tear for the last of the Clean Drake Tails and Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed Claws (that’s a mouthful).
    The change also means you should free up some pack space as there will be a greater opportunity to stack similar trophies. All of the Great Claws you collect should stack, regardless if they came from a Lynx, Bear, or Warg. This will save some pack space while adventuring in those regions that are home to multiple species that drop similar items.
    Most of the fallout to this change will reach the crafters, who have been using trophies as optional ingredients in many of their recipes. All of the recipes that utilize optional ingredients have been updated to use a new generic trophy item. If your recipe calls for the new “Tough Leg” trophy item you will be able to find that from 7 species located in all parts of Middle-earth. The change will undoubtedly make it easier to obtain most optional ingredients.
    You do not need to sell or delete any of the soon-to-be-outdated optional ingredient items. A new barter NPC will be located in the Bree-town Crafting Hall who can trade-in your old item for the new equivalent. I’m sure he will be incredibly busy exchanging the old Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed Claws into the new item. You can continue to buy outdated optional ingredients if they are still available on the auction house. The only added step will be converting them into the new item using the barter NPC.

And Everything Else!

Gameplay (misc.)

  • We have changed ranged auto-attack to allow you to shoot while moving, but with a significant miss chance penalty. Previously you were required to be stationary to use your ranged auto-attack. A new option has been added to the "Combat Options" tab on the Options panel to allow you to use the old requirements instead of accepting the miss chance penalty while moving. The new option is called "Enable skill miss chance penalties while moving", and it is checked by default.
  • Players, monster players, and session players w/ ranged auto-attacks can right-click or double-click to start attacking from range.
  • Fixed some random anti-exploit issues that have been popping up.
  • Top Secret Report received from Covert Agent "Haw-biht" deep behind enemy lines: "Displeased with their performance in combat, the Enemy has started training the troops in advanced Disarming techniques. When the training first began they'd more often lose a hand than a weapon. But now that their training has completed they are frightfully efficient! Able to render an opponent's weapon and shield completely useless for a time. I will send further reports as I learn more." The Straight Dope: When a character is disarmed they are now treated as having no weapons/shield equipped for the duration of the effect. Disarm is resistible via Wound resistance, and can be removed as if it were a Wound. Lore-master's "Leechcraft" and "Tend the Sick" can now be used without a Staff equipped.
  • Monsters have been de-ninja-fied. (Ranged Auto-attacks can no longer be parried.)
  • The MHO has issued a dramatic warning today that common Diseases may trigger a pandemic in Eriador. Diseases (such as the common “Frailty”) have been found to seriously debilitate players for much longer periods than was seen in earlier strains. We interviewed a high-ranking (but anonymous) member of the MHO who had this to say, "Pandemics usually occur every 2 to 3 months when the digital makeup of a disease changes so dramatically that players have little or no immunity built up from previous bouts with disease." We asked if he thought this trend was limited to just Disease: "Unfortunately, no. While not every disease may take on the same characteristics as “Frailty,” we have seen cases where Poisons remained in the blood longer, Wounds took longer to heal, and even Fear itself was slow to relinquish its grip on the mind." When asked how players could avoid these effects he recommends contacting your local Lore-master, Hunter, or Captain depending on the symptoms. Some skeptics believe that this isn't a natural phenomenon at all, that it was engineered by the Pharmaceutical Companies in order to increase the profits of their blockbuster products such as Conhuith, Lhinestad, and Milkthistle. The Straight Dope: Common Poison/Disease/Fear/Wound effects (debuffs) will have shorter durations at lower levels, while later levels they will have higher durations.



  • The following skills have had their reset timers standardized to 2 minutes and 30 seconds:
    • Boast
    • Irresistible Melody
    • Command Respect
    • Practical Joke.
  • Fixed an issue with examining skills that require passive skills. Previously, these were incorrectly identifying the need to have a trait slotted.
  • All new Guardian and Burglar skills now have the appropriate trainer cost associated with them.
  • All classes with an Area Effect Heal will now heal Escorts.
  • The Falling Injuries debuff now supersedes the “Hounding Fear” and “Crippling Bite” debuffs.


  • Burglar Tools now reduce Trick costs by greater amounts at all tiers.
  • A bug was fixed in the Burglar's trick-related traits that meant the bonus to Mischievous Glee healing was not applied to the initial healing when the skill removed a Trick.
  • Corrected grammar in the description of the Burglar skill “Contact Pedlar.”
  • The Burglar’s “Clever Retort” skill has a new fx!
  • Fixed “Riddle” failing to tap when aggro'ed by a monster.


  • The Captain's summoning horn can no longer be used to summon players to areas beyond their capabilities. Players who are of insufficient level to be summoned will appear gray in the selection list when summoning.
  • Captain's final bonus on the "Kappwin Armour" was only partially working, and has been fixed.
  • Using the Captain skill “Cry of Vengeance” now counts towards the Blood of Númenor deed.
  • The descriptions for Captain's Armament items have been re-written for clarity. These items change the appearance and name of the Captain's Heralds as well as increasing their armour.
  • Revised erroneous description of Captain skill - Shield of the Dúnedain. The skill has a high power cost but it is not "half your power."


  • Corrected a spelling error for the description of the Champion trait “Stalwart Blade.”
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion skill “Boast” did not have the appropriate trainer cost.
  • Adjusted the tooltip for the Battle horn to indicate the horn's stun effect has a variable duration; the stun's duration can be a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • The cooldown for the Champion skill “Glory” has been reduced to 4 seconds to match the cooldown for Fervour and Ardour.
  • Champion Horns will now target and potentially stun Monster Players.
  • “Raging Blade” will now apply the damage from all blows to the target. Previously the damage was displayed in floating text and in the combat log but it was never actually applied to the target.
  • Champion skill “Fight On” will now restore at least the amount of power listed in its tooltip.
  • Champion Skill “Dire Need” has had its description clarified to explain exactly what the skill does.
  • Champion skills “Rising Ire” and “Ebbing Ire” no longer require the Champion to face their target.


  • The Tooltip for “Overpower” has been modified to clarify that it disables block.
  • Guardian Trait Line Bonuses have been rebalanced. Higher Tier players should have an easier time juggling threat while using these traits.
  • Changed the tooltip description for the Guardian skills “Force Opening” and “Stagger” to indicate that “Overpower” must be toggled on before these skills can be used.
  • Guardian: “Improved Thrill of Danger” now has the correct cooldown time of 5 minutes.
  • Increased the power cost for “Shield Wall” from 10 power per second to 25 power per second.
  • When wearing 4 pieces of the Hlifworth PvP set, the “Turn the Tables” skill recovery time will now properly reduce by 25%.
  • The number of uses to earn the Strong Lungs deed has been cut to 30% of its previous value.


  • Hunters can no longer transport players to areas with level restrictions they do not meet, and you can no longer travel with a hunter if you are in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies standing in the Hunter's campfire or the crafted campfire could not be hit.
  • Fixed an issue with the way threat was modded. Hunters will now generate the appropriate threat in Strength stance and reduce threat correctly in Precision stance.


  • To prevent drive-by griefing of Stealthed Targets, Air-lore has been changed to Fellowship only.
  • “Sticky Tar” is no longer blocked by Silence.
  • Lore-masters now start the game with a different style robe.
  • Lore-master cosmetic fox pets will now run a great deal faster to keep up with their masters.
  • "Power of Knowledge" will now properly increment its associated deed on use.


  • “Song of Soothing” no longer affects monsters not currently in combat.
  • Simple and Crafted Lute have had their Anthem power cost reduction decreased slightly. The Superior Lute remains unchanged.
  • The “Guide to the Cowbell” cannot be used if you already have the cowbell playing trait.
  • The “Song of Aid” power cost should now be properly affected when instruments are used.

Monster Play

  • First Marshal Moror now displays that he is a dwarf.
  • Murderhole events at Tol Ascarnen should now function correctly.
  • First Marshal Dembent only appears when players control Tol Ascarnen.
  • Freeps can now flip the hotspot near Tol Ascarnen.
  • Trolls supporting the huorn in The Delving of Frór will no longer respawn instantly in the middle of the fight.
  • Banner bearers surrounding the Wights in The Delving of Frór will now return to full health if not killed within 10 seconds of one another.
  • Thorliw should now completely reset and not enter a combat state in which he can harm players but players cannot harm him.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the warband maneuver combination Web of Terror, Poison, Wound, Poison, Fear, Poison to fail.
  • Dead bodies can no longer flip freep/creep-controlled hotspots.
  • A number of monster player Toggle skills, such as the Warg's “Stealth” and the Warleader's “Aura of Command,” were being disabled by negative states like Fear and Stuns where corresponding skills on players were not. Those skills will now remain toggled on even if the monster player is stunned, etc.
  • Ettendeep Armour sets are now bind-on-acquire.
  • Feldskyn armour, the Lore-master PvMP set, will now appear on the avatar when worn.
  • Ettenmoors slugs will no longer block attacks. Their parry and evade rates have been increased to compensate for the lack of block skill.
  • The ranged auto-attack for Spiders can no longer be resisted. The attack can be blocked or evaded.
  • Brands
    • Akúlhun's Brands will now properly grant immunity to fear when the Brand's effect is used.
    • The tooltip descriptions for Akúlhun's Brands and Lainedhal's Insignias now more clearly indicate that the immunity effect granted by these items only protects the wearer from incoming negative states (negative states that are currently on the player can be dispelled with the Rank 15 Brand/Insignia).
    • All rank brands can now be destroyed.
  • The Dull Spirit Stone, Glimmering Spirit Stone, and Luminous Spirit Stone will no longer display a sell price since they cannot be sold to a vendor.
  • Appearance 11 traits for monster players will now cost 26,000 destiny points (instead of the incorrect 260,000).
  • The Orc trait “Flayer of Flesh”and the Uruk trait “Brutal Persuasion” have been changed to require Rank 10.
  • The “Tireless Warrior” trait (Orc and Uruk) has been changed to require Rank 11.
  • Phial of Gorgoris' Kiss and Phial of Mazuak's Resolve can now be used while in combat.
  • The Ranked Cloaks found in the Ettenmoors now have improved stats.


  • Completion of the Blackarrow skill “Vital Target” now results in the Blackarrow entering combat mode.
  • The snare from the Blackarrow's “Hindering Shot” skill is now set to wound resistance.


  • “Shelob's Gift” will now appropriately activate when a monster is killed by the Weaver or by a member of the Weaver's fellowship.
  • “Shelob's Gift” and “Born of Shadow” now have their own unique icons.
  • The effect from “Born of Shadow” now has a more appropriate icon so it will no longer be confused with a root effect.
  • The trait Steelweave Webs has been modified. It will now make the Weaver's “Snaring Web” less likely to break when its target is damaged. The Steelweave Web trait will also extend the duration of the Weaver's “Entangling Web” and “Clinging Web” skills.
  • Weavers will now properly get the defeat response to be able to use "Shelob's Gift."


  • Corrected the spelling of the Warleader's skill “Intimidating Shout.”
  • “Quit Whining and Fight” will now trigger more quickly after the induction finishes.
  • The Warleader's “Mobilize” skill now takes precedent over the “Draught of Troll Bile's” run speed buff.


  • “Eye Rake” will no longer stack icons for “Eyes of Unnerving” on the warg when used.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warg's Appearance 6 trait cost an incorrect amount of destiny points. The trait will now cost 10,000 destiny points.


  • “Blood of Fire” now has its own unique icon.
  • The Reaver's “Charge” skill will now properly block incoming root and daze effects.



  • Important Note! Many of the optional ingredients used in recipes have been phased out. If you currently have some in your pack or on the auction house, please be aware that they are not rendered useless. They have been converted to barter items that can be exchanged for the newer versions now used in recipes. Take your outdated optional ingredients to the NPC Taddyn, who is stationed just outside the Bree-town Hall.
  • Fixed capitalization consistency issues with the descriptions of some crafting titles.
  • Housing Decorations: Added information to the descriptions of some floor and wall pattern decoration items to notify players which floor & wall patterns are the default patterns used in housing.
  • New trophy items (now found on all creatures) have replaced the older, more specific trophy items that were used as optional ingredients in many recipes. In general, there should be more opportunities to find the optional ingredient you are looking for!
  • Re-added missing Tailoring, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker crafting recipes to treasure tables. These recipes should once again be available via treasure drops.
  • Supplier NPCs now carry Small Glass Phials, Glass Phials, Large Glass Phials, Small Clay Pots, Clay Pots, and Large Clay Pots.
  • Corrected possessive grammar issues for all of the following crafting recipes & crafted equipment: All "Outrider's" Medium Armor pieces, all "Outrider's" recipe scrolls, all "Soldier's" Heavy Armor pieces, and all "Soldier's" recipe scrolls.
  • Fixed a display name typo for the "Small Glass Phial" item. A stack of these will now properly display the stack name as "Small Glass Phials."
  • Suppliers now sell all five types of cloth and all five types of thread.
  • When you graduate tiers of proficiency in your craft profession, any applicable recipe icons in your inventory will display their usability state correctly.
  • Slightly reduced the price of twine and thread.
  • You now get an appropriate error message instead of just "Failed to create" when you try to create more than one of a unique item such as the Guardian's acorn whistle.
  • When you examine a crafting recipe, the tooltip now shows the quantity of produced items.
  • Crafted stack items now say the crafter's name in the tooltip
  • All Expert Craft Vendors now have Novice Craft vendor stock in addition to their own expert supplies.
  • Mathom House and Bluestone Garrison now have appropriate Expert Craft vendors.


  • Fixed a typo in the singular and plural display names of the item, "Savoury Seasonings."
  • Fixed an issue with the Master Cooking recipe "Blackberry Tart" - this recipe now requires a Superior Oven instead of a Campfire.
  • The “Order for So-and-so” quests to unlock Superior Oven access will now properly update if you destroy the items you need for them.


  • Fixed typos found in the display name and description for the "Memorium Ring" quest item.
  • Adjusted the rare required ingredient for some one-shot Jeweller recipes.
    • Journeyman one-shot recipes now require a Sapphire Shard.
    • Expert one-shot recipes now require a Ruby Shard.
    • Artisan one-shot recipes now require an Adamant Shard.


  • The quest "The Will of the Iron: Part IV" was previously rewarding players with a medium armor version of the Steadfast Helm. This quest has been updated to reward players with a heavy armor version of the Steadfast Helm. NOTE: Existing medium armor versions of the Steadfast Helm remain unchanged.
  • Adjusted the rare required ingredient for some one-shot Metalworker recipes. Journeyman one-shot recipes now require a Sapphire Shard.
  • Fixed a typo in the plural display name of Dwarf-chain.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the ancient emblem description.


  • Updated the description on Dwarf-steel ingots.


  • Fixed a typo in the plural name of Galadhrim Guards.
  • Common supply vendors (including those in reputation areas) will now have expert tailoring components for crafting.


  • Corrected a stat issue with the "Fortified Lebethron Staff," which was causing the item to have a higher maximum power increase than was originally intended.
  • Updated the names of the three critical crafted Champion Horns: Exquisite Simple Horn, Exquisite Carved Horn, and Exquisite Battle Horn


  • Updated some of the treasure profiles for non-sentient elites so they have a greater chance of dropping some types of trophy items.
  • The necklace reward from the Evendim quest “Fool's Crown” has been renamed from "Avornin" to "Lithuifin Necklace.” No gameplay changes have been made to the item.
  • The reward from the Lonelands quest "A Price on Their Heads" was increased in power.
  • The quest rewards from "Belated Birthday" are being changed back to their original icons and names. This is a cosmetic change only.
  • Scroll of Ages now properly increases all professions’ critical chances.
  • No more quests will be giving out the old debuff removal potions that were unbounded by level. All such potions that players have will remain with them, but new ones cannot be acquired.
  • The "Armor of Fém" set is now called "Armour of Fém." The "Gauntlets of Fem" are now called "Gauntlet of Fem."
  • "Tasgall's Gift of Valor" is now called "Tasgall's Gift of Valour.” No gameplay change.
  • Fixed a bug in the treasure system that was allowing the old versions of wound curing potions to appear in low-level loot.
  • Rare monster "Kasak" has updated loot.
  • Bronweringor (once named "Ancient Wedding Band") has an updated description and icon.
  • Several rare and uncommon items from the Misty Mountains have had their visual effects changed to more appropriately match their damage type.
  • Renamed the Ettenmoors rare drop item Earring of Cunning to Earring of Insight so it won’t be confused with the Burglar quest reward of the same name.
  • The Basic Cowbell, Moor Cowbell, and Basic Bagpipe now have correct inventory icons.
  • The Monstrous Lurker Eye will now have a more appropriate icon.
  • The "Arnorian Armour Fragments" and "Battered Arnorian Armour" barter items are now bind on acquire. Existing items will be updated to have this restriction, so make sure you have these items on the character you want to have them prior to the update going live. Items on the Auction House will bind to the person who wins the auction, while items in housing storage will bind to the first person to pick them up.
  • Goblin Sticky Tar goop will no longer stick to your character permanently. It now goes away when the effect wears off.


  • Corrected typos for Gleaming Chainmail Gauntlets, Cloak of The Shire, and Elven Quilted Vest of Absorption.
  • The shield, Threkrand, should now be a more appropriate size.
  • A number of jewelry items that had the damage reflection ability had a bug that caused them to reflect only 1 damage. The bug has been fixed, and the following items will receive a boost:
    • Trinket of Fortitude
    • Tarechor
    • Rescued Gem
    • Eiliangor
    • Gem-encrusted Scale
    • Laerdan’s Savior.
  • Changed the name of the light armor reward from the quest “Shadow of the White Hand” to Saeradan's Leggings.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the tooltip description for Remmenaeg's Armour.
  • Dwarven medium shortsleeve armor will show up with correct textures and dyemaps.
  • Cloak "Nengol" has an updated description and icon.
  • "Calenglad's Shield" has been updated to use a different appearance.
  • New icon for "Robe of the Elder Days"


  • "Orc-bane" has been updated to use the correct two-handed artwork.
  • The quest "Western Marches" has had the dagger reward from it changed from "Lorne's Dagger" to "Soltakh's Dagger".

User Interface

  • The Dressing Room UI will now come to the front of the screen when you try on an item.
  • Pending Quest Rings over NPC heads will now update to the normal quest ring when the quest is no longer pending.
  • Fixed a bug in the Auction UI that caused the Bid button to stay enabled even when it was not possible to place a bid.
  • Renamed the UI Option "Show Dispellable Effects" to "Show Dispellable Effects Only."
  • Items in the world that advance or grant quests will now close the associated quest UI when you get too far from the item.
  • Cosmetic pets now have a tutorial hint associated with them
  • Messages that have an item link at the beginning of a sentence will now be capitalized properly.
  • Any inventory items that cannot be used in combat will now reflect their usability state changes when entering/leaving combat.
  • You should no longer find yourself targeting the corpses of your previous attackers when using the "Previous Attacker" key binding.
  • The Reputation Panel should now always be displayed after clicking on a Reputation alert.
  • Intermittent issues with items in pack slots not being usable should be resolved.
  • The trade window will no longer show the name of the previous trading partner when starting a trade with someone new.
  • Dye interactions should no longer cause lingering dye pot mouse cursor issues.
  • Fixed some feedback problems when using the /inspect command: When used on non-players, would give a general error. When used without a selection, the help feedback was incorrect.
  • Locked movies in the Movie Library UI will now appear to be grayed out.
  • Fixed an issue with fading out the player at the end of swift travel.
  • Fixed an issue where some effects that are applied to the revived target weren’t included in the tooltip for revival skills.
  • Fixed an issue where newly-added swift travel routes would be unavailable until you talk to the destination stable-master again.
  • The Social/Who panel could get into a weird state where it wouldn't update until it was closed and reopened. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a skill UI issue where companion skills would not grey out when using a non-combat companion skill.
  • You can now chat using the Numpad enter key. If you have the Numpad Enter key bound to another action already, you may have to rebind it.
  • Fixed /damagetext to allow floaty damage from other players to be seen.
  • Floaty critical damage text is more obvious now.
  • Floaty damage text doesn't overlap with entity names anymore.
  • Sound device names in the drop-down menus for Voice Playback and Voice Capture no longer get cut off.
  • "Report as Spammer" option changed to "Report as Gold Spammer" to reflect its intended functionality. All other reporting issues should be filed via ticket.
  • You can now use the "revert" button on the options/key mappings UI after you've mistakenly removed a key mapping.


  • Crafting Vendors now show up as their own map note type, so you can filter them differently than other vendors.
  • You can now track quest escort NPCs on both the radar and map.
  • Festival NPC's map notes will no longer display when the festivals are inactive.
  • Fog-of-War on the Map Panel for new areas added to the game since launch (Evendim, High Pass, Tal Bruinen, etc) were not functioning correctly and were sometimes revealing portions of the map they shouldn't. Shame on them! Players may notice some previously discovered map portions become undiscovered. Visiting those locations again will rediscover any undiscovered locations that were previously discovered.

Chat UI

  • The command "/lff" is now used to chat in the Looking For Fellowship chat channel. To toggle your "Looking For Fellowship" flag on or off, you must now use the command "/lookingforfellowship"

Deed Log/Quest Journal

  • Fixed the fact that the tooltip for the Add To/Remove From Tracker button in the Deed UI erroneously referred to the Deeds as Quests.
  • When you receive an invitation to join a fellowship you will now see the members of that fellowship before you join.
  • The quest journal and tracker "ready-to-turn-in" checkmark now appears only when the quest is ready to turn into an NPC (or in some cases an item); it will no longer appear early when you still have something to kill (such as the Captain-General quests in the Ettenmoors).


  • The tooltip for channeled skills now calls them Channeled Skills and not Toggle Skills.
  • Monster player "Corruption" and "Appearance" traits will now be labeled correctly in their tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where typing characters in the chat window alongside embedded items could occasionally cause text corruption.
  • Tooltips for locked movies are now disabled in the Movie Library UI.
  • When a trait/virtue is equipped, it will now be labeled as “Equipped” in the tooltip and have a clear distinction in the UI from traits/virtues that are not equipped.
  • The word “Equipped” will now appear above an equipped Instrument when you cross-compare it.
  • Fire and light oils, among other potions, now show their duration in tooltips.
  • The mysterious "Minimum Rank: #" tooltip for some items is now more clearly written as "Requires: Glory Rank #" (or "Infamy" for monster players).
  • Skills which have an additional effect when you attack from the correct position now show that in their tooltips.
  • Fixed spelling and grammar errors for the Tentacle of Helchgam's tooltip description.


  • When you receive an invitation to join a fellowship you will now see the members of that fellowship before you join.
  • To assist you in finding a fellowship for your quests, we've added quest selection to the social/who panel. You can now set which quest you're looking for help with, and search for others looking for help on that same quest. You can also find help for a quest by clicking "Find a Fellowship" on your quest journal while a quest is selected. Please note that Anonymous is turned off when you select Find a Fellowship - so that other people can find you too!
  • Fixed a glitch where it was difficult to share quests with fellows who were more than 10 (but less than 30) meters away.
  • Fixed a bug with the Raid Assist Target window not populating when rejoining a raid.
  • Finally fixed the stuck in fellowship maneuver issue.
  • When you join a fellowship with the "Free for All" loot rule set, you will not get the chat spew telling you what the loot quality is set to. You now only get the loot quality chat spew appropriately when the fellowship is using the other loot rules.
  • When you join a fellowship (or monster player group) or when the loot rule is changed, you will get a tutorial message explaining the current loot rule to you.
  • There is now more feedback when you fail to join a fellowship.
  • Fellowship Ready Check can now be accessed by right-clicking on the Fellowship leader’s vitals.


  • To avoid any confusion, a warning will now make it clear that you will lose your kinship house if the kinship is disbanded automatically for having too few members or manually by the guild leader.
  • Monster player tribes will now be referred to properly in all places (as "tribe" instead of "kinship") and will chat in the "Tribe" channel. To chat in the Tribe chat channel, use "/tr" (as opposed to "/k") and to chat in the Tribe officer channel, use "/to" (as opposed to "/ko") or "/o" when sending a message. To use the various tribe commands, use "/tribe" (as opposed to "/kinship").
  • When you right click on a person's vitals display or on their name in the kinship/tribe UI and choose one of the kinship/tribe actions, you will now get confirmation dialogs concerning those actions.
  • A class column has been added to the kinship panel. You can now sort kinship members by class (low-class, high-class.. oh wait, not that kind of class!).
  • Monster player class icons are now visible in the monster play kinship panel.
  • Players who have not completed the introduction cannot be recruited into a kinship.
  • The right-click menus will now have the kinship/tribe option to quit (or resign in the case of leaders) labeled correctly.


  • Housing Items inside of Escrow will now persist for two weeks before being cleaned up.
  • Dear Skyscream of Brandywine,

We made the NPCs near your house a bit less chat spammy.

  • Fixed typos in some item decoration tooltips ("Decoration Category: Wall Colour" and "Decoration Category: Floor Colour").
  • You can no longer access the housing panel while in monster or session play.


  • The total recovery time on a pet skill now displays in examination.
  • PvMP kills done by a pet count towards deeds.
  • Pet Summon Skills no longer unghost when you select any entity. (Pet has to be summoned)
  • Fixed an issue with a group skill companion breaking the companion vitals.
  • Fixed the issue with losing the trail of a fellow member's companion.
  • Fixed the fellow companion vitals disappearing from a fellowship maneuver shade unsummoning.
  • Player pet names will now show up only if their master's name is shown.
  • Fixed a bug where floaty names for player pets were not conforming to UI option filters correctly.
  • Cosmetic pets and banners are no longer detected as combat targets.


  • Are you acrobatic? Find out! The /flip emote is now unlockable.
  • More emotes now have sound.
  • Emotes performed after lying down, sitting or fainting will now execute only once.
  • Persistent emotes like /sit and /liedown will now be interrupted when a character uses /music.
  • Cleaned up various clipping issues when doing emotes while wearing a shield or wielding a non-weapon item like Bullroarer's Tankard.
  • Persistent emotes like sitting or lying down will now be interrupted by skill use while out of combat.
  • The emotes /dance1, /dance2, and /dance3 will no longer continue into the hand clapping emote when they end.


  • Moved the novice scholar trainer Issiril in Esteldin out of the rain and inside the Esteldin crafting hall with her friends. She’s very grateful (and dry).
  • Fixed an odd placement issue in the Free People's Camp outside of Fornost.
  • Various Player Stuck Spots have been fixed.
  • Door Usage Issue in Carn Dûm Sewers has been fixed
  • Fixed various terrain seams and grounded various floating objects.
  • Various light decal placement issues have been fixed.
  • Various pathing issues in Angmar have been fixed.

Town Services

  • More shops will offer discounts to the owners of special items. These items will not always grant a discount, but some vendors that should have allowed discounts were not set up to do so.
  • "Bork zee Cuuk" ves nefer a cuuk und zeereffure-a, hees ooccoopeshunel teetle-a hes chunged tu "Heeler & Prufeesiuner. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!" (Translated from Swedish Chef: "Bork the Cook" was never a cook and therefore, his occupational title has changed to "Healer & Provisioner.")
  • There were many expert woodworker NPCs selling novice weaponsmith items. These NPCs now sell novice woodworking items.
  • The Bree-land Outfitter now sells something that might be of interest to all of the fishing enthusiasts out there...
  • Vendors have been added to Aughaire and Gabilshathur, from which you can purchase certain set-piece rewards that may have been made unobtainable as part of the Great Angmar Revamp.

Music System

  • ABC notation now supports tuplets in the form of (p:q:r, which means play 'p' notes in 'q' time for 'r' notes. This can be shortened to, say, (3 for a triplet.
  • You can now have multiple tunes in a single ABC file. In other words, we now support the X: index field in an ABC file. When using /play, append the number of the tune you want to play. If you don't supply a number, the first tune will be played.
  • Dynamics support in ABC files! In other words, you can now control volume within an ABC file. Use any of the following decorations in your ABC file, in order from softer to louder: +ppp+, +pp+, +p+, +mp+, +mf+, +f+, +ff+, +fff+. +mf+ is considered the default volume.
  • Occasionally, you could get yourself into a state where your character would continue playing a song, despite having left /music mode. That's no longer possible.
  • When you use /playlist, you will now get a warning for any song which has duplicate X: tags.
  • Tune indices (X: tags) in ABC files are no longer shown with thousand separators.

Auction House

  • Generic trophy items that are not used in crafting no longer appear in the Crafting-Trophy category in the Auction House.


  • Fixed an issue with deer death animations that was causing them to stand back up for a brief moment after dying. No one ever said deer were smart…
  • Fellowship Maneuvers: Fixed an issue that was causing players to become stuck in the looping animation used for windups.
  • One of the Dual-wield auto-attacks was improperly using a 1-handed shield auto-attack animation causing some glitching. This has been fixed.
  • Mounts: Avatars will now whistle to summon their mounts.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing idle emotes to break induction animations.
  • Several Warg Stalker attack hooks have been modified to deliver hits earlier in the animation.
  • Fixed an issue with crossbow strings not hiding correctly when NPCs drew their melee weapons.
  • Fixed a number of combat issues that were causing animations to fail on monsters when they played certain skills.
  • Fixed an animation layering issue that was causing pony run-turn animations to lose sync.
  • Players and monster players are no longer visible in the world until the LOTRO client has finished loading and enters a playable state.
  • Characters will no longer attempt to play idle animations while in the /music state.
  • Fixed a problem on ATI cards running DX10 (no dynamic shadows) where distant players appeared to have beams of light shooting from their feet.
  • Your avatar no longer falls through your horse if you use /afk.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing NPCs practicing Archery to T-pose.
  • Canceling map to personal home or kinship house will no longer leave the scroll in the character's hand.
  • Fixed an FX problem where the melee weapon would stay during some animations that are not supposed to use it.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing music to stop playing in North Downs and a few other zones.
  • Fixed the ambient sound in Aughaire.
  • Added sounds to the following interactions:
    • Eating food
    • Drinking beer
    • Drinking curing potions
    • Using curing salves
  • Fixed an issue where race & class movies would incorrectly pause the background music when played during character creation.


  • Misty Mountains monsters are now more solo friendly.
  • Hillmen which use the healing skill “Blood Gift” will now wait until they (or one of their allies) is damaged before using it.
  • Gauradan will now use their call for help skill less often.
  • Berated by his fellow Brigands as being "cheap", the Brigand Captain will no longer stun poor defenceless players for 8 seconds, but rather 3 seconds.
  • After being guilt-tripped by the Brigand Captain (see above Release Note): Boars, Bears and Brigands will no longer stun players as often who are nonchalantly jogging past them. (Note: Signatures and Elites are unaffected by guilt and still stun).
  • Book 12 - Chapter 6: Fixed a rare case of Corpse-crawlers & Blood-leeches continuing to fight after exploding.
  • Book 12 - Chapter 6: When Bloated Corpse-crawlers detonate, they will now deal Power damage instead of Morale damage.
  • World Eaters can no longer be summoned after the final Rift boss has been defeated.
  • Hey man, check out my IM conversation with the Balrog yesterday. He's such a windbag. :)

[16:47] Balrog: wth
[16:47] Me: Hey Rog, what's up?
[16:48] Balrog: hav u seen teh patch notes?
[16:48] Me: Not yet. Why?
[16:48] Balrog: more nerfs. this is bs
[16:48] Me: What'd they nerf?
[16:48] Balrog: me, i'm totaly unplayable now
[16:49] Me: I don't know, man. You're pretty bad-***... how bad could it be?
[16:49] Balrog: u no that sweet attack i had that could almost 1shot that stupid elf? yeah, they dropped the crit multipliar down by 50%. how the hell am I suppose to 2shot her now?
[16:49] Balrog: completly unplayable
[16:49] Me: Well... that *was* pretty cheap of you.
[16:49] Balrog: pfft, whatever. ur just pissed u didnt roll a balrog instead of that pansy champion
[16:53] Balrog: man, they better fire the dev that did this
[16:53] Me: Is that likely to happen, though?
[16:53] Balrog: u just wait. i'm going to start a petition on the forums. once turbine sees how many monsters will be quitting over this theyll fix it
[16:54] Me: *sigh*
The Straight Dope: The Balrog's attacks have been adjusted so as to not two-shot kill Glathlirel.


  • Companions set to assist will do so against the master’s selection from AOE skills.
  • Fixed a rare issue with companions assisting against mezz'ed targets.
  • No longer is companion chatter displayed in the regional channel.
  • Fixed some tracking companion issues while in a fellowship.
  • Fixed a companion issue where it would attack a non-threatening mob when its current target is mezz'ed.
  • Extra! Extra! Monsters strike back at turncoats! A Mr. Wight was interviewed earlier and had this to say: "Good! I hope those Lore-master-loving Bears get a good taste of my Shadow DoT aura! Now, don't get me wrong, I've got as many Bear friends as the next Dead, but I don't see why those Elf-hugger Bears have to go and join the wrong side. The next time I ambush a helpless female Hobbit in the B-downs and a Lore-bear comes running up like he owns the place, I'm not going to hold back! He's going to feel what it's like to dread Mr. Wight!" (Player pets will now be affected by hostile monster auras.)


  • The "Frost-giant Elders" found in the Misty Mountains are now called "Frost-giants" and are level 44, instead of level 47.
  • We've sat Legolas and Gimli down and explained to them the importance of "not breaking mez." They've promised to mend their ways and will honor mez more. (Although Gimli does swing his axe around a bit, so he might still snag a mezz'ed target in his zeal.) Added a new command, /reclaim, that can be used to recreate some of your promotional items in your inventory once per week. Please note that not all promotional items can be reclaimed. You must have enough space in your backpacks for all eligible items in order to execute the command.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use up a key when attempting to open a chest that's already been opened by someone else.
  • Removing a friend by using the command '/friend remove' will now give you appropriate feedback.
  • Guards are now more talkative when you click on them.
  • The player's portrait on the vitals display and character journal is now immediately updated when you use the barber shop.
  • Fixed a bug where when your inventory is overflowing and you mail something off, post an auction, or decorate your house, the item(s) in overflow were not being placed into the main inventory.
  • Item wear is removed when you’re revived after being defeated by a monster player.
  • No longer can fellowship maneuvers be used during spars.
  • The Dread now properly turns off after defeating Barz and Zurm.
  • The Seven Swords accomplishment will now properly bestow on players below level 47.


  • The quest “Sprung a Leak” requires sand that can now only be found in its intended location in the cave on the Winterheight.
  • Sara Oakheart shouldn't bug out as constantly at the end of the escort quests “Oakheart's Plight” and “Oakheart's Flight.”
  • Barachen now gives advice on where to find Adwold in the Trollshaws quest "The Hunter's Injury."
  • Wuxtry, wuxtry! North Downs quest "Rune-kenner" now completeable by classes other than Lore-masters! Readallaboudit.
  • Chief Ora of Pynti-peldot was apparently somewhat confused as to the names of her Scoutmaster and Huntmaster. She has been discreetly taken aside and politely corrected.
  • The ingots for the "Every Last Ingot" quest in the Misty Mountains can now be found on the goblins at a much higher rate.
  • The hides needed for the “Bears of the North” quest in the Misty Mountains can now be found on bears at a slightly higher rate.
  • We've fixed an issue with the "Fallen Apples" quest in the Shire where it could get into a state where it could not be completed.
  • We've modified Book 6 Chapter 6 to be more solo friendly. The fell spirit summoned is now a normal, instead of a signature, and you will be able to find more Ancient Watching stones in the Ram Duath.
  • We've modified Sorcerer Tath, who is required for Book 6 Chapter 5, to be more solo friendly. He is now a normal, and his minions have had their level reduced to level 41.
  • We have increased the spawn locations for the Ancient Ironscale, needed for "Swamp-dweller" quest in Angmar, to three.
  • To prevent players from using the Reflecting Pool as a way of getting to Gath Forthnir quickly, we have removed the door that leads out from the Book 8 Chapter 5 instance. However, you will still be able to exit the instance at any point if you cancel the instance quest.
  • We have streamlined the Castellan Wisdán fight in Barad Gúlaran, removing the need to solve his torch puzzle before beginning the fight.
  • We've addressed some issues with the drama sequence between Bhoghad, the Uruk Emissary, and Ashûrz the Great Goblin that would cause either of them to become unattackable.
  • We've addressed some issues with the Ashûrz the Great Goblin and Izkâl fight that could cause either of them to become unattackable.
  • Certain Elites managed to sneak into the Angmar landscape spawns, but they are now appropriately Normals. “The Matron and the Master” is no longer restricted to solo players, and the instance can now be completed as part of a Fellowship.
  • We have modified the Pale Folk encounter in the Carn Dûm Sewers. You must now clear this encounter to advance further through the dungeon. In addition, we have made it easier to tell which Pale Folk are currently summoning and reduced the total number of Pale Folk you must kill to clear the encounter.
  • We have fixed a bug in the Everseer portion of the Balrog fight so that he can no longer be drawn from his room prior to the door to his room closing. If no one is within the space when the door closes, the entire fight will reset a few seconds after the door closes.
  • Any player who previously completed the "Inn League Initiation -- Bird and Baby" quest will receive a considerable reputation award for the Tavern League faction.
  • More Angmar quests have been given reputation rewards. Players who have already completed these quests will be retroactively rewarded.
  • Using stealth while fighting the Great Goblin will no longer lock the goblin into NPC mode.
  • Fixed a reset issue for Gurthul in Carn Dûm
  • Fixed a bug with the Helegrod Courtyard fight where two Angmarim weren't aggroing properly.
  • Removed Leech-flesh requirement from Value of Vermin quest, as leeches no longer exist nearby.
  • Changed the name of an Iron Crown Commander in Angmar to reduce confusion with a nearby mob with a similar name.
  • Book 3: Chapters 4, 5, & 6 can now be underway simultaneously
  • Players may be left with 4 extra Dúnedain Banners after completing the Angmar “Rank and File” quest. These can be safely discarded after the quest has been completed. Players starting this quest after the patch will not encounter this issue.
  • The quest permissions on the doors inside the keep on Tinnudir have been adjusted: once certain people leave the keep, you won't be able to sneak in and see them again.
  • Adjusted the selection box for tracks in Evendim: no more pixel-perfect clicking required!
  • Removed the extra failure billboard in “Springing the Trap.” You’ll only see one if you fail – no more rubbing it in!
  • Adjusted the Tinker and Yeoman guides to properly reflect the Cook recipe they describe.
  • Tomb-robbers on the island of Rantost were fond of spamming your chat window with their plans to take over Evendim. They'll keep their plans more to themselves from now on.
  • Increased the drop rate of the quest items for the first stage of the Level 45 Class Quests, fixed a textual inconsistency in “Articles of Harmony,” and clarified the locations of the Worms needed by Burglars and Lore-masters.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of mobs involved in Book 10, Chapter 11.
  • The description for “A Secret Club” had a stringtable error when you went to choose it from the Reflecting Pool. Now it doesn't!
  • The quest “There and Back Again” in Evendim was giving you an incorrect quest item, but now it'll give you the correct one.
  • Directions to the spiders for the Level 45 Class Quests have been cleaned up.
  • The quest “Early Bird” will no longer display a message if you do not find an earthworm.
  • Updated quest directions for the quest “The Last Farm.”
  • Reduced the difficulty of the quest “Touch of Corruption.”
  • Fixed Barz and Zurm bug that caused the wrong wave of adds to spawn.
  • “Destroying the Hatchery” is now marked as a fellowship quest.
  • When using the reflecting pool, Book 12: Chapter 6 will no longer be called Remembrance.
  • The issue blocking more than one player from entering the “Seven Swords” instance has now been fixed.
  • The quest “A Villain Unveiled” can no longer be shared.
  • The spider gem cocoon in “The Spider Gem” is now properly located in the snares.
  • The boss in Book 12: Chapter 3 now spawns in his adds correctly.
  • Book 12: Chapter 9 NPCs will no longer spawn in the ground.
  • The movie now plays at the end of Book 12: Chapter 10.
  • A change was made to Book 12: Chapter 5 and the quest had to be versioned. If you had this quest underway, you’ll need to speak to the bestower NPC again.