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This page is about the Vintner in Ered Luin. For the Grocer in North Downs, see Brethilwen (Lin Giliath)
Image of Brethilwen
Title Vintner
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Ered Luin
Area Limael's Vineyard
Map Ref [26.7S, 94.9W]


Brethilwen is found just within Limael's Vineyard, in Ered Luin. She is the Master-vintner of Celondim, a connoisseur of class. She is in charge of the vineyard but is now much worried because the vineyard is overrun by goblins.

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
 Flagon of Red Wine 48 Copper 
 Flagon of White Wine 48 Copper 
 Hard Cider 48 Copper 
 Limael's Vintage 1 Silver 60 Copper 


"I will put the grapes into the tub to crush later."
"All Elves delight in wine and song. I do not have the gift of melody, so..."
"I am grateful for those who keep this land safe so I may work in peace."
"The vines were heavy with grapes all season. The vintage is sure to be of the highest quality."