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Roving Threats (RT) are a type of high-level, landscape content (i.e. not a dungeon or instance) designed for player groups in Fellowships and Small Fellowships. They were introduced with Update 15 and were expected to be expanded in future updates, but have not been revisited since Update 20.
Roving Threats are often compared to Warbands, but are different. In particular, there are two distinct groups of Roving Threats, those in Eriador and Rhovanion, and those in Gondor. In Eriador and Rhovanion, the Roving Threats appear in NON-mounted combat areas, while in Gondor, the areas where they appear are open to Mounted Combat.
Note: If you pick up a Roving Threat quest and then cancel it, you can't pick it up again. It seems that they can only be picked up once a day.

Spawning cycles

These enemies can appear randomly in one of multiple locations (see area lists below), but they will only change their location once a day. Each area has a number of established spawn locations. At the start of each day, each Roving Threat is assigned a particular spawn area for the day. It "paces" in that small area, but doesn't go far. When defeated, it respawns in that same area (currently after about 5 minutes). Once you know the location for a Roving Threat for the day, it will always be there. As usual, a "day" begins at 03:00 Server Time.


Each Roving Threat has a set of unique abilities, providing a greater challenge than Warbands, for the most part. For example, the spider Scythe-jaw will apply a poison that instantly defeats players upon expiring. Roving Threats are labelled as Rare Arch-nemeses, and therefore it is recommended to fight them with a group. Some of them may be taken on solo by skilled players, but their large Morale pools ensure that this will take a large amount of time.
A hint for small groups who do happen to have a Lore-master with them would be to use the bear as a tank. Many special abilities of the Roving Threats are not used against pets.That would require the Lore-master to make use of the blue line as to make the bear sturdier to tank but an added benefit is that the Common damage type that pets have is actually the one which the majority of RTs are most vulnerable to.

Roving Threats by Area

Warbands & Roving Threads in Central Gondor

Central Gondor

  • In Central Gondor, each Roving Threat has a daily quest related to it which is NOT automatically bestowed upon encountering it, but must be unlocked by completing the local quest chain in the Area the Roving Threat is in.
  • Each quest is given by a different individual. They are listed here by which quest giver offers you the quest.

Ringló Vale

  • In Ringló Vale, the Roving Threat quest givers can be found in Ethring.
  • These Roving Threat quests are unlocked by completing A Ruthless End.

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[71.7S, 52.0W] To the west of Ethring, near Skorneval
[72.4S, 52.0W] To the west of Ethring, also near Skorneval, but further south.
[72.1S, 47.6W] On the southern shore of the lake, east of the Lumber Camp
[73.7S, 49.2W] On a glade to the south-east of Ethring
[76.3S, 50.4W] In the southern part of the area, near the border to Dor-en-Ernil
[70.3S, 46.4W] Inside the cave of Nimrond
[72.3S, 48.6W] On top of a cliff east of The Crossing Hall
[70.3S, 47.4W] In Gríshru


  • In Dor-en-Ernil, the Roving Threat quest givers can be found in Linhir.
  • These Roving Threat quests are unlocked by completing Blood for Blood.

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[77.7S, 50.2W] In the woods in the northern parts of the zone
[78.3S, 49.0W] On the road near Tungobel
[79.4S, 48.0W] Just south of the beacon of Dol Brannor
[81.3S, 47.1W] At the beach to the west of Linhir
[81.4S, 48.0W] On the same beach, a little to the north-west
[83.0S, 50.8W] Upon a hill in the southern part of the area
[83.1S, 49.3W] Near Lang Boha


Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[84.1S, 41.7W] In the forest to the west of Aerthir
[79.0S, 33.6W] To the north of Erynos
[78.5S, 35.5W] Near the river to the east of Ost Anglebed
[85.6S, 44.8W] On a large island in the Ethir Anduin
[84.6S, 43.9W] Another, smaller island near the northern banks of the Anduin
[80.8S, 40.8W] On a bluff near the river to the south of Malbarth
[83.5S, 44.2W] Along the banks of the Anduin east of the Ruins of Ethillorn

Eastern Gondor

South Ithilien

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[76.3S, 16.6W] SW South Ithilien
[75.9S, 14.4W] To the north-east of Ost Sarram
[76.7S, 12.3W] Just west of Harlanc
[71.9S, 8.1W] At the end of the valley east of Bâr Húrin almost always Kethat-sai (Mûmak)
[70.0S, 10.2W] In the valley north of Brangobel almost always Kethat-sai (Mûmak)
[68.9S, 9.8W] Near Barad Nemorn, the tower overlooking the Anduin
[66.3S, 8.8W] Along the north-eastern shore of the river to the west of Faramir's Lookout
[64.8S, 3.9W] Next to the shore of the Morgulduin
[76.7S, 17.4W] On slope in between Western Post and Ost Sarram
[62.6S, 6.4W] Near the eastern barricade in the Court of Isildur
[63.0S, 9.8W] On top of the Great Bridge, pacing back and forth almost always Shardrágh (Troll)

Western Gondor

Dol Amroth

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[76.8S, 73.1W] Havens of Belfalas, on the field to the south-west of the western gate of Dol Amroth
[78.7S, 69.0W] Havens of Belfalas, in the woods to the north of Abedec's Watch
[77.0S, 68.7W] Havens of Belfalas, in front of the entrance to the caverns of Emyn Ernil
[71.2S, 64.6W] Havens of Belfalas, to the west of Makham Mijann, north of the river
[71.4S, 61.0W] Havens of Belfalas, to the east of Makham Mijann, north of the river
[65.8S, 53.9W] Lamedon, northeast of Calembel, on a hill above Old Snapper
[62.2S, 55.8W] Lamedon, east of the Corsair camp in Tathrendalf, along the edge of the marsh
[62.8S, 61.1W] Lamedon, up on the slope to the west of Dínadab
[60.3S, 64.4W] Blackroot Vale, southeast of the Hill of Erech up the slope south of Hemokh
[60.1S, 70.9W] Blackroot Vale, to the west of Sardol, across the river

The Wastes

  • In The Wastes, all Roving Threat Quests are Landscape Quests.
  • They are listed here by how many Gift-giver's Brand-icon.png Gift-giver's Brand you get for completing the quest. The small fellowship RTs give 1 Brand, larger fellowship RTs give 3 Brands.

The Wastes

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[37.3S, 14.6W] Around the far southwest part of the marshes
[35.0S, 12.3W] Slightly southwest of the Store House Ruins
[34.3S, 11.6W] West of Nuiharn, patrolling the water line right at the base of the mountain
[33.3S, 8.2W] North of Tham Durlan, among the rocky outcroppings
[28.7S, 2.5W] North of Dol Acharn, around the edge of the northern marshes
[32.5S, 0.6E] In the rocky northern part of Lang Rhuven
[34.2S, 2.2E] On the east road leading into Lang Rhuven


  • In Eriador, each Roving Threat has a quest available from the Roving Threat Quartermaster in its particular region. (Current regions are Evendim, the North Downs, Forochel, the Misty Mountains, and Angmar.)
  • These areas are of a much lower level than the Roving Threats' level 100 Quests, typically 40-50. Therefore players have tended to "move-on," consequently when a level 100 player first re-enters the region, they will receive a landscape quest to visit a particular NPC and assist them with these Roving Threats. Note that most of these Roving Threats can easily "one-shot" most non-level 100 players.
  • Each quest awards one to three Gift-giver's Brand-icon.png Gift-giver's Brand. The introductory quest does not award a brand.
  • Since the Roving Threat creatures can be defeated multiple times, in Eriador, the Roving Threat quests also reset on a daily basis. Therefore the Gift-giver's Brand rewards are limited from "farming."


Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[4.8N, 34.7W] Fasach-Falroid
[0.6N, 35.9W] In Fasach-larran East of the entrance to Morfil, along the southern cliff
[2.2N, 32.0W] Western Malenhad
[0.8N, 28.6W] Along the western shore of lake Duvuinen in Eastern Malenhad
[0.9N, 27.2W] On an island in lake Duvuinen Epilogue: Amardam
[3.2N, 24.2W] North-east of Grishbalt, on a drop-off overlooking the camp
[0.8N, 20.8W] On the eastern rim of the warg pit in Gorothlad
[5.7N, 23.4W] In the south-western part of Nan Gurth
[7.1N, 20.1W] In the eastern part of Nan Gurth, east of Barad Gúlaran
[8.8N, 28.7W] In the south-western part of Himbar, near the overlook of Imlad Balchorth
[11.3N, 27.1W] In the northern part of Himbar, near the spider-pit


Roving Threats
Spawning Locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[16.1S, 75.2W] Found on top of mountain side
[9.0S, 74.1W]
[7.4S, 72.8W]
[6.1S, 73.9W]
[5.0S, 68.4W]
[15.3S, 64.4W] South of the catapult
[16.7S, 64.1W]
[5.8S, 61.4W]
[18.6S, 70.2W]
[16.6S, 69.7W]


Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[20.6N, 69.4W] On the shore to the north-east of Sûri-kylä
[17.7N, 67.0W] On a slope above the worm pit in Jä-rannit
[12.3N, 66.7W] To the east of Pynti-peldot, on a cliff to the south-west of Karhu-leiri
[14.2N, 74.4W] North of The Lonesome Stones
[10.6N, 72.7W] To the North west of Voi-teltta
[5.5N, 74.5W] Along the southern cliff just west of Leijona-kotin
[7.9N, 77.0W] In a snow field to the east of Norsu-leiri in Itä-mâ
[10.8N, 79.5W] Slightly northeast of Zigilgund
[12.6N, 80.4W] Along the southern shore of the bay west of Vesi-paistâ, at the top of a slope up from the water
[16.7N, 86.3W] In the middle of the ice field just north of the giant lair of Jotunstath in Talvi-muri
[18.7N, 85.2W] At the 2nd U in the Name Kuru-Leiri on the map

Misty Mountains

Roving Threats
Spawning locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[22.7S, 1.2E] At Caldwell Pool
[22.5S, 4.1E] In a cul de sac just north of Vindurhal (jump down)
[21.9S, 4.4E] Upper High Pass, just a bit north of the cul de sac
[22.0S, 7.4E] To the south-west of Starkath, near the mammoth herd
[23.5S, 7.2E] Just north-east of Hrimbarg, in the south-east corner of Northern High Pass
[24.4S, 6.2E] Just in the gap to the west before you go into Hrimbarg in the Northern High Pass
[27.9S, 8.1E] East of the "land bridge" bisecting the tarn, on top of the bluff across from the mammoth herd and campsite fire in Southern High Pass
[28.1S, 7.2E] Just south of Northtarn in Southern High Pass
[31.1S, 3.3E] North of Greybough End in the Giant Halls
[25.4S, 0.1E] South of the peak at the top of the dead end ramp in High Crag

North Downs

Roving Threats
Spawning Locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[11.4S, 58.4W]
[12.2S, 57.9W]
[9.7S, 56.2W]
[7.0S, 53.6W]
[13.8S, 53.1W]
[9.6S, 52.3W]
[11.0S, 47.3W]
[5.8S, 46.3W]
[8.1S, 37.5W]
[8.7S, 36.2W]
[8.5S, 33.0W]


Southern Mirkwood

Roving Threats
Spawning Locations
Coordinates Directions / Description
[13.4S, 59.0W]
[15.8S, 58.3W]
[19.0S, 56.3W]
[16.1S, 53.5W]
[18.2S, 48.7W]
[19.3S, 46.7W]
[15.8S, 46.5W]
[12.8S, 43.7W]

Roving Threat Quartermaster

Roving Threat Quartermasters can be found in regions where Roving Threats have been included. They offer quests to defeat these creatures on a daily basis. They also redeem Gift-giver's Brand-icon.png Gift-giver's Brand for First Age Weapons and random other items.






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Roving Threat Deeds

Roving Threat Titles


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