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See also Small Fellowship

A Fellowship is a group of up to 6 characters created to quest and explore Middle-earth together. It is a temporary grouping which does not survive between logins.

All of the Middle-earth can be explored being in Fellowship, with some exceptions. Many quests and instances require a full Fellowship with all members of a certain level or above, but some quests are Solo-only.

  • A Fellowship can be formed at any time by anyone, who automatically becomes the Fellowship Leader
  • A Fellowship can be disbanded at any time by the leader
  • A Fellowship can be automatically formed with Friends, if both you and your friend have marked each other as Auto-Fellow, this can be done by going to the Friends tab under the Social Panel, right-click your friend, and choose for Auto-Fellow. The Fellowship will be formed as soon as the friend logs in. If you no longer want to automatically form a Fellowship with a friend, simply right-click you friend again and choose for Don't Auto-Fellow.
  • A character creates a Fellowship by inviting others by typing /invite <character-name> in the "chat line", or,
    right-click a character's portrait and select Fellowship → Invite
  • A leader can right-click its portrait and select actions to perform certain Fellowship actions, such as passing the leadership to another character, or disbanding the fellowship; anybody can do that to leave the Fellowship
    • Disbanding and reforming a Fellowship may be a necessary tactic if certain problems are encountered with instances, ...
    • Some menu options and actions are available/valid only within instances
  • Fellowships can use the Fellowship Manoeuvre system to perform group specials
  • Group buffs and effects will affect all Fellowship members within range

Also see World Instance for a list of instances