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Type: Lake
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Southern High Pass
Location: [26.7S, 7.2E]

Northtarn is a landmark within Southern High Pass, in the Misty Mountains. [26.7S, 7.2E]

This frozen lake is located in the dale of southern High Pass, stretching in a north-south direction. The clean-swept surface makes the lake a good travel route, but slippery. At its south-most end is a very narrow passage, where, to the west a trail runs up past Ceber Los towards Men Helch and Giant Halls beyond, and to the east and high up is a Camp Site Fire. South of that narrow passage lies a wider lake, before Erforgh Cleft with the large Gauredain camp. Travellers should be vigilant because wolves, worms, and the occasional Gauradan are prowling the ice.


These creatures are encountered around this location: