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A Raid is typically a group of fellowships comprised of higher level or "level-capped" players. You can have up to 4 fellowships in a raid, so that means you can have up to 24 players in a raid -- i.e. 6, 12 or 24 players.
A Raid is a separate copy of a building's interior, a dungeon, or some piece of the game's landscape. Raids are similar to Instances, but are designed on a larger scale with encounters for two or more fellowships of players to complete. The encounters found within usually involve Arch-nemesis bosses that can require complex strategies.
No outside help by other adventurers can be rendered to those within a raid. Doing so allows game developers a greater ability to customize the details of the encounters and makes them more immersive, allowing multiple raids to enjoy the same content without interfering with each other.

Raid Locks

Raid Locks are designed to prevent any player from completing the same stage of an instance multiple times in a short period of time. For example, Raid Locks prevent a single character from slaying Helchgam over and over again in order to get his slime. End-game locks generally expire weekly, meaning any character can complete a particular boss battle no more than once a week.
Raids can only be entered by players who are a part of the raid group and have either the same or "similar" raid locks as the raid leader, or no raid locks. If a player is part of a raid that completes a stage in the instance (usually a boss fight), then the player will receive a lock number corresponding to the number of the stage completed. As the raid progresses, more such locks are obtained. A few examples of how raid locks work:
  • Raid leader has locks 1,3,5; raid member has no locks -> raid member will be able to enter, and will inherit raid leader's locks.
  • Raid leader has locks 1,6; raid member has locks 1,6 -> raid member will be able to enter.
  • Raid leader has locks 1,3,4; raid member has locks 1,4 -> raid member will be able to enter, and will inherit raid leader's lock 3.
  • Raid leader has locks 1,3,4; raid member has locks 1,3,5 -> raid member will not be able to enter.
  • Raid leader has no locks; raid member has locks 1,4 -> raid member will not be able to enter.
To find out which raid locks you have, open the Social menu, then select the Group Stage Info tab. The lock numbers your character has are listed by instance under Personal Stage Information.

Lock Resets

Locks reset at specific days and times for different raids:
Reset time(s) Raid(s) - T1 Raid(s) - T2+
Daily at 6:00 a.m. server time
Weekly on Thursday at 3:00 a.m. server time
Weekly on Thursday at 6:00 a.m. server time
Twice per week:
Three times per week:
Three times per week:
Three times per week:


Due to the scale and the amount of coordination required from all participants, any successful raid will need organization.
Before starting a Raid or even just a 6-player instance, you normally have to think about what configuration of player skills you will need to complete the event.
Successful groups usually have the three standard spots filled with typical classes - Tank (Guardian), Healer (Minstrel), DPS (Hunter).
However, in LOTRO, these spots can be filled or supplemented by other classes depending on the situation.

The following is a list of commonly assigned duties:

Raid/Fellowship Leader

The Leader - Raid Leader or Fellowship Leader (RL/FL) is responsible for controlling a group of allies.
Note that this is an active role during a Raid but not a combat specific role, therefore there is no particular class requirement.
Responsibilities may include:
  • Ensuring that all members arrive on time and are adequately prepared for the encounters ahead.
  • Sorting and organizing raid groups for maximum effectiveness.
  • Assigning roles, such as Main Tank (MT), Off Tank (OT), Main Assist (MA) and Raid Assist targets.
  • Coordinating pulls to ensure the group does not threaten too many enemies at one time.
  • Explaining boss encounters and their strategies to the group.
  • Making call-outs during the boss encounters to coordinate in-combat strategies, and to deal with unexpected circumstances.
  • Master-looting to ensure fair distribution of loot according to class restrictions and necessity.

Target marking

One of the most useful things a Fellowship or Raid Leader can do is to mark targets with an icon.
This action is most useful with Pick-up-groups (PUG)s where the individual players do not know each others characters.
This marking can tell the members of the group to attack that target while the Lore-master and Burglar mez something else that isn't marked.
Because people attack the marked target and not the mezzed target, the mezzed target will stay mezzed unless someone uses an area of effect attack.
Target Marking can also be used to identify certain pary members - typically the Healer, who uses area-of-effect (AOE) heals, requiring that individual recipients be within a certain distance of the Healer.
  • Remember, in any Raid larger than six members, only the six members of the group with the Leader doing the marking can see the markings. They are not visible to the other two or three groups in the Raid. However, each group of six in the raid can have their own markings!
To do this, first you'll need to set a hot key to mark a target. I set the ` (unshifted ~) key to skull.
In Options, click Key Mapping. Scroll all the way down to Fellowship Target Marking. Click Skull, then press the ` key (or whatever key you want to use).
Options: Key Mapping

Combat Roles

Raid/Fellowship LeaderMain TankMain AssistOff TankNukerHealer

Typical Combat roles by class:

Class Pet Class Healer Damage Debuffer Buffer Tank Crowd
Beorning P P S S
Brawler P S P
Burglar P P S
Captain S S S P P
Champion P S P
Guardian S P
Hunter P S P S
Lore-master S S P P
Minstrel P S
Rune-keeper P P S S
Warden P P S S

P = Primary Role / S = Secondary Role

Note class capabilities are greatly influenced by the selection of Traits allowing a particular class to perform multiple roles depending upon trait selection.

Combat Types


Combat Roles

  • Main Tank (MT) - Primary tank, mob and boss positioning and tanking, generally always maintaining highest threat
  • Off Tank (OT) - Secondary tank, holding mobs the MT is not, generally maintaining second highest threat
  • Main Assist (MA) - Target selection for focused DPS

Main Assist aka Off Tank (OT) - Normally a MA isn't needed in a 6-man instance since what you usually fight in 6-man, your MT can make the shots on who to attack. an MA is usually designated in high tier (Raid) type runs and usually is either a melee damage-per-second (DPS) class or another tank type class. Any class can essentially fill this role.

DPS - These are your heavy hitters. They punish the mob while the MT keeps the agro on the main target. It is very important that as DPS you must watch how much damage your putting out because if you put out too much, you could potentially steal the agro away from your MT, making you an easy kill especially if you wear light armour and don't have the morale or armour class (AC) to stand up to the damage the mob is putting out. Keep a good eye on this, and put out a good solid amount of damage and your set. Hunters and Champions are the king's of melee/ranged DPS as Loremasters excel in the magic department, though Captains, Burglars and maybe Minstrels(keeping in mind by doing this, you could potentially lose a healer) can have a hand in this area. Area-of-effect attacks do very well to assist the MT in defeating multiple enemies.

Crowd Control(CC) - One of the most important aspects of a 6-man or even a Raid run, is having good CC. Someone needs to be able to essentially take out a mob from the battle, because at many times you may be fighting more then one target. Your MT has a hard enough job keeping the agro of one mob, let alone a whole group of mobs would get his attention disfocused, having him ping-pong around the room to keep agro, making his agro keeping abilities reduced. Keeping mobs under sleep type affects or even fear type's makes the MT's job alot easier, and reduces the morale your healer will have to be keeping up. Having a good CC is essential to any good instance or raid run. Loremasters dominate in this area while other classes like the Burglar and perhaps (depends on situation) Hunter, can also fill a spot, the Loremaster is the essential CC.

Main Healer - Some say the most important spot in a group is the main healer (MH). Your main healer is the main stay of the group. He keeps the MT and most of the group up to health in the battle, and will resurrect(rezz) any members that die after a fight. Your MH's main job is to keep the MT alive so that he keeps the rest of the group intact. If your MH goes down, your MT will follow, so it is imperative that your MH stays alive and does not get any of the agro on the mob. Healing is major agro draw, but as long as your MT gets in the initial agro, your group should be fine. MH's, make sure your only put out enough heals to keep him up, overhealing will gain you more agro and you lose power that you could have used in dire situations. Minstrels and Rune-keepers are the best class for this but Captains can support the role.

Supporting Spots - These are usually your secondaries or your the classes that are specific or any true area, but have a place in a group itself. Off-tanks, Off healers and Off DPS are usually in the roles as well as any Buffers you might have. Captains and Burglars are the ideal Support, as are any of your secondary's that fill the role.

Here are some examples of a normal group:

MT - Guardian/Warden

DPS - Champion/Burglar/Beorning

DPS - Hunter/Champion/Loremaster

CC - Loremaster/Burglar

MH - Minstrel/Rune-keeper/Captain

SS - Captain/Burglar/Loremaster


The RL will often specify a VoIP program for everyone to use, allowing voice communication amongst the raid members. The two most common choices are Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, both easy to set up and readily available free of charge. A third option that is gaining prominence is Discord. For many high-end raiding guilds, a VoIP client is mandatory and sometimes having a mic as well. Although the in-game voice communication for LOTRO could be used for this purpose, it provides far fewer options for sound quality and customization, which can be crucial to allow all raid participants to hear each other clearly.

List of Raids

Notice: Notes are listed below the table.

Name Abbr. Region Level Boss Encounters Tiers Group Available[1] Prereqs Challenge[2] Note
Shadows of Angmar
Helegrod: Drake Wing Drake-wing Misty Mountains 50-150 1 1 Raid Free Daily In this wing of Helegrod, Drakes and Drakelings have built their nests under the watchful eye of Grisgart.
Helegrod: Spider Wing Spider-wing Misty Mountains 50-150 1 1 Raid Free Daily In this wing of Helegrod, giant spiders are gathering.
Helegrod: Giant Wing Giant-wing Misty Mountains 50-150 1 1 Raid Free Daily In this wing of Helegrod, Stone-giants swear fealty to the Thunder-lord.
Helegrod: Dragon Wing Thorog Misty Mountains 50-150 1 1 Raid Free Defeat Zaudru, Storvâgûn, and Grisgart - At the central courtyard of Helegrod, a fell ritual is taking place...
The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu Rift Angmar 50 8 1 Raid Free - In the far east of Angmar, an ancient evil of the First Age has been uncovered...
Bogbereth Bogbereth Angmar 50 1 1 Raid Free Landscape raid Beneath Himbar, the spider queen Bogbereth gains power.
Ferndúr the Virulent Ferndur Angmar 50 1 1 Raid Free Landscape Raid In Imlad Balchorth, the Gaunt-lord Ferndúr raises the Dead for his dark plans.
Mines of Moria
The Vile Maw VM/Watcher The Water-works 60 1 1 Raid Free In the deepest waters of Moria, an ancient terror looms...
Filikul Turtle The Water-works 60 1 1 Raid Free Nornúan, a beast of enormous size, has been discovered in the Water-works.
Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Dâr Narbugud DN Foundations of Stone 60 6 1 Raid Free Beneath the foundations of Moria, nameless creatures stir as an unspeakable plague threatens to spread througout the Mines.
Tower of Dol Guldur
Barad Guldur BG Dol Guldur 65-150 3 2 Raid Free Daily The tower of the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur is under attack!
In Their Absence
Ost Dunhoth OD Enedwaith 65-150 6 2 Raid Free Discover Daily In the hills of Enedwaith, the Gaunt-lord Gortheron rallies his forces in secret.
Rise of Isengard
Draigoch's Lair Draigoch Enedwaith 75 1 1 Raid Free Discover Daily In a cave west of the Misty Mountains, one of the last great Dragons slumbers.
Tower of Orthanc ToO Isengard 75 5 2 Raid Free Discover Daily Saruman holds command over Isengard and has forged his very own Rings of Power.
The Road to Erebor (Introduced via the Riders of Rohan)
Flight to the Lonely Mountain Flight Erebor 20-150 1 2 Raid Free Daily The army of Rhûn has conquered Dale and pursues its inhabitants towards Erebor.
The Fires of Smaug Smaug Erebor 20-150 1 2 Raid Free Daily As the Easterlings lay siege to Erebor, the dwarves struggle to defend their home.
The Battle for Erebor BfE Erebor 20-150 1 2 Raid Free Daily The final assault on Erebor is at hand and the commanders of the besieging army step forward to fight.
Helm's Deep
The Deeping Wall Wall or DW West Rohan 10-100 1 1 Solo/Duo, Raid Free Epic Battles The host of Isengard besieges Helm's Deep, the strongest fortress of Rohan.
Battle of Pelennor
Throne of the Dread Terror Throne Old Anórien 105 6 2 Raid VIP/QP Daily As the Battle of Pelennor Fields rages, a new commander arises after the fall of the Witch-king.
The Plateau of Gorgoroth
The Abyss of Mordath AoM The Plateau of Gorgoroth 115 3 2 Raid Exp/Buy Discover Weekly Pursue King Váskmun Greytooth beneath the foundations of the now-ruined fortress of Barad-dûr.
Grey Mountains
The Anvil of Winterstith Anvil Grey Mountains 120 4 3 Raid VIP/QP Discover diverse chest locks Fellow up with the Dwarves as they pursue Karazgar into an ancient glacier.
Minas Morgul
Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness Remm Minas Morgul 130 4 5 Raid Exp/Buy Discover diverse chest locks Enter the depths of Torech Ungol to face Shelob
War of Three Peaks
Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold AD The War of Three Peaks 130 2 5 Raid Exp Discover diverse chest locks Prince Durin Stonehelmson of the Longbeards leads the Gabil'akkâ , a great host of united dwarves, to the very gates of Mount Gundabad.
The Fall of Khazad-dûm FoKD Moria 130 1 5 Raid VIP/QP Discover diverse chest locks In the year 1981 of the Third Age, the Longbeards made their final stand against the Balrog known as 'Durin's Bane'.
Fate of Gundabad
The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra HoA Gundabad 140 3 5 Raid Exp Discover diverse chest locks After the confrontation with Mótsog, Hrímil tends to her wounds. Go after her and watch the final part of Durin's campaign.
The Return to Carn Dûm
Gwathrenost, the Witch-king's Citadel Citadel Angmar 140 4 5 Raid VIP/QP Discover diverse chest locks Fight the new power in Carn Dûm and make sure that Angmar will not be reborn again.
  • Exp - Expansion
  • VIP - A paid subscriber
  • QP - Quest Pack


  1. Some raid instances are free to all players. Others are tied to a particular quest pack or stand-alone purchase, but are available to VIP subscribers. Expansion raids are tied to a store purchase regardless of account status.
  2. Challenge quests only appear at the highest level and tier. They award extra instance currency and usually better loot, but have a cooldown before they can be completed again. Weekly quests reset on Thursday, while biweekly quests reset on Monday and Thursday.

Raid Quests

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