Court of Isildur

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Court of Isildur
Type: Ruin
Region: Eastern Gondor
Area: Osgiliath
Location: [63.0S, 7.2W]


The Court of Isildur is a landmark within the city of Osgiliath in Eastern Gondor. [63.0S, 7.2W]

Just within the eastern walls of the city, the Gates of the Moon provide entry into the open plaza known as the Court of Isildur. This open-aired plaza provides a gathering spot for the denizens of the city's eastern bank to carry out their daily business. Travelling westward, passing the Culvert Entry, along the major thoroughfare through the city, one crosses the Anduin over the Great Bridge to come to the city's western bank.

The Court of Isildur is inaccessible in landscape pre-battle Osgiliath, though you can see into it. Orcish Morgul-banners fly above their warcamp and siege weapons, including the great battering-ram Grond. The Host of the West passes through the court in Osgiliath after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

This open expanse is named after Isildur, prince of Minas Ithil (later to be re-named Minas Morgul after it is captured and occupied by the Nazgûl), the older of the two brothers co-ruling Gondor after the fall of Númenor.

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