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Have you always wanted to take up fishing and get out into the great outdoors where you can enjoy nature while casting your line in the sparkling water? Well, now is a great time to start! Fishing is a hobby that can be pursued at your leisure and requires nothing more than a little patience and a fishing pole.


One of the only ways a hobbit can spend an afternoon snoozing in the sun and still get dinner.

The Basics

Players can train in the art of fishing and tackle from Hobby Masters: Hobby Masters hold the secrets to learning various hobbies. Hobby Masters were introduced into the game with Book 13: Doom of the Last-king (Patch Notes - April 24th, 2008).

Hobby Master NPCs

NPC Region Location Coords
Henry Oakeshott Bree-land Scholar's Stair Archives (Bree) [30.5S, 51.7W]
Refkell Ered Luin Hall of Kings (Thorin's Hall) [13.8S, 103.2W]
Brago Puddifoot The Shire Bywater Pool [31.2S, 70.0W]
Estmar Bolger The Shire The Bird and Baby Inn (Michel Delving) [33.4S, 75.4W]
Haldúr Trollshaws The Hall of Fire (The Last Homely House) [29.8S, 3.4W]
Arnfin Moria The Twenty-first Hall [5.7S, 105.2W]
-- Dunland Galtrev [79.9S, 16.9W]
-- East Rohan Snowbourn, Sutcrofts [61.1S, 61.3W]
-- Wildermore Forlaw [38.9S, 61.1W]
-- West Rohan Aldburg, Eastfold [69.4S, 64.5W]
Dúdrad West Rohan Edoras, Kingstead [62.7S, 74.7W]
-- Western Gondor Dol Amroth, Havens of Belfalas [75.1S, 70.3W]

How to Fish

Open the Character Journal and click on the Hobby button along the bottom. Here you will find information about fishing, and the Fishing icon which you should drag/assign to a quickslot.

Locate any body of water; a lake, river, stream, or pond should suffice. Once you have picked out your fishing spot, equip your fishing pole and face the water.

Press the Fishing quickslot button once (or activate the associated hotkey) to cast your line. Once the line has been cast, wait until you see signs of struggling - splashing in the water, the bobber dipping under the water, or your fishing pole flexing are the signs. Other signs include animation of a fish approaching and then biting the floating lure in the water.

When these signs occur, reel in your line by pressing the Fishing button again. If you reacted in time, you will have caught something. If not, try again.

Leveling Fishing: There is no limit to the number of times you can cast and retrieve the line, but experience accrual will cease after ten points have been earned in a 24 hour period. When your hobby bar is yellow, you cannot earn any more fishing experience until 3:00 a.m. server time the next day. In general, fishing near Bree is good until your skill is 40 or 50, then try North Downs or Evendim until about 100, after which Forochel and Great River are great places. In Moria, there is a handy pool of water on the way to the Scholar Crafting Instance along the Winding Way, which is not that far from the 21st Hall, of course the Rotting Cellar is always available for fishing in Moria.

If you cast and catch fish 6 or more times in a row and do not get a skillup, either your hobby bar is yellow (finished leveling for the day), or the water is too "high or low level" for you. After your skill is 150, though, it can take a long time to reach 200. Although it's still possible to get 10 skillups per day, it takes more than 6 or fewer casts to get a skillup after 150 is reached.


Your first fishing-rod is a gift from the hobby-master. Better fishing-rods can be crafted by an Expert Woodworker, but the basic rod will do splendidly for a beginner.

Item Information

There are currently 7 different fishing rods.

Fishing Quests

Hytbold - Aiding the Sutcrofts (repeatable)

Special fishing quest conditions: In some fishing quests, you must cast your line toward a glowing or bubbling point in the water. Often there will be an icon on your vital display showing "This is a good place to fish" or similar, and possibly a countdown timer. When the timer expires, the "good fishing spot" has moved, and you must move to the next spot. In other quests, notably Glinting in Forgotten Pools, you must fish until something is caught, but the creature that holds the item now attacks you. Place your weapon in a handy place on your quickslot bars so you can switch quickly.

The Dol Amroth Docks daily quests have complex mechanics where you must bait before fishing, find the right place to fish, and also fight some turtles that you fish up. There is a guide to these quests here [Dol Amroth City Watch – Docks guide]


Fishing Titles

Your proficiency level can only be increased by 10 points per day. A yellow progress bar on the Hobby tab of the Character log indicates you've reached your limit for that day. You can continue to fish, but you will not receive any more experience for the rest of that day.

Level Points
Apprentice Angler 10
Journeyman Angler 50
Expert Angler 100
Master Angler 150
Lord/Lady of Streams 200
Catch of the Day
Title Requirement
Darter-master Catch all 9 Darter varieties.
Sturgeon-master Catch all 9 Sturgeon varieties.
The Complete Angler Catch a 50lb Salmon!
Trout-master Catch all 9 Trout varieties.

Fishing Deeds

Catch of the Day

Certain fish are caught depending on your level of experience in your Hobby. Once you reach the next proficiency, fish from the level before will no longer yield points for you.

There are several types of fish you are able to catch.

See detailed list of fish.

Rare Fish Locations



Introduced with Book 13: Doom of the Last-king, fishing is currently the only hobby available in LOTRO.

External References

A wonderful, visual site about fishing that helped us fill in some blanks: The Compleat Angler's Visual Guide To Fishing In Middle-Earth