Hall of Kings

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Hall of Kings
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall

The Hall of Kings is the majestic, centre hall of Thorin's Hall, to the north.

From this hall leads connections to most other halls within Thorin's Hall. If the the Great Hall did not humble a haughty visitor this hall will. The polished marble floors, the height, the volume, the artistry of the reliefs, the upper terraces, and so forth. And this is just the middle hall, there is the Hall of Merchants to the west and the Maker's Hall to the east, not to forget the basement with Thorin's Hall Inn and the Festival Arena. Furthest to the north, at the upper terrace, is found Thorin's Throne with Dwalin at service.

The Hall of Kings is a basically a giant hall with services along the east and west walls and at the upper terraces, also to the east and west but also to the north.


Dwalin at Thorin's Throne
The Puzzle-vault



NPC Function
Western Ground Floor        
Adwyn Flame-eye Bowyer
Ivor Yewbend Bowyer
Ludde Blackeagle Bowyer
Dannel Medium Armoursmith
Albryc Long-foot One-handed Weaponsmith
Hagan Storm-sword Two-handed Weaponsmith
Kobbi Champion Trainer
Naut Guardian Trainer
Jolfur Hunter Trainer
Holger Halifax Warden Trainer
North-western Terrace        
Jórunn Firesong Light Armoursmith
Nál Bellowsbreath Light Armoursmith
Fengari Frostmere Medium Armoursmith
Kettil Hardhelm Medium Armoursmith
Galti son of Geitir Heavy Armoursmith
Granger Halifax Captain Trainer
Dwalin Quest
Litli Quest
Thrymur Quest
Eastern Ground Floor        
Steinn Silvertongue Bard
Boltr Outfitter
Refkell Hobby Master
Durstan Light Armoursmith
Invar Heavy Armoursmith
Reykur Minstrel Trainer
Tandri Greyhammer Quest
Eastern Terrace        
Alvari son of Breki One-handed Weaponsmith
Dagg Dour-face One-handed Weaponsmith
Brymir Hammerhand Two-handed Weaponsmith
Thorvald Thunder-hall Two-handed Weaponsmith
Heikki Goldwatcher Quest
Nestael Quest





Map of the Hall of Kings